Back to work today and....

I hated it. I used to love my job and my class but now I just really wanted to leave! My classroom had been trashed by the person doing my maternity cover, personal stuff ruined etc. I forgot how many times people said to me today'while you were away we did it this way' and in the end I snapped and said 'well I'm back now we go back to doing it my way'. Felt a little mean but then they have been allowed to run riot while I was away (no body took on my management responsibility while away on maternity you see, head to tight to pay someone the extra money). I had been in a few times for meetings and before maternity was thinking about changing jobs, but now I am looking for a new job. I need to work 13 weeks before I can leave or else I have to pay back part of my maternity pay, so have to stick it out a while yet.

My priorities have now changed since having Lily and I don't want to come home a grumpy mummy because I hate where I work!

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest before hubby gets home from work as I will go on about it all night to him!

Hope all you mummies are well and happy!!!!!


  • Oh that really sucks! Poor you! Maybe if you kick things up a gear, wshow them who's boss and become Pack leader again (been watching too much dog whisperer lol) then you might enjoy it more! Give it a week or so. Xxx
  • Hiya

    Yeah, could do, but I think I fancy a change too. Just looking at jobs now lol.
  • If you stay with the same local authority you can change jobs NOW and not pay back maternity money - yes I was the same and looked into it all so I KNOW! image
  • oppp should have said sorry it was so pants and esp about personal stuff being trashed that is crap :evil:
  • Ohhh so I don't have to work the 13 weeks? Ohhh have found a lovely job 2.5 days a week and it's a deputy job too. Think I'll ring and ask if I can go for a look round.
  • Oh my goodness you poor thing. Am facing the same thing March time and am sooooooooooo nervous. Spoke to head today and it all feels so real now. Am worried about what they'll(my class and the staff I supose to some extent) be like when I get back and what i'll be like.
    I was, to be honest, a workaholic and I know I can't (& don't want to be be) be like that when I go back. Really hope it picks up for you once you get back into the swing of it and silly people stop saying daft things.
    A change sounds good-what do you fancy doing instead? x
  • tallkatie I agree and just need to work on oh! x
  • As long as it is the same education authority the 13 weeks doesn't apply cos it is the LEA that employs you not the specific school so you WILL still work the 13 weeks if you see what I mean??? Defo ring for info that sounds good! Am I right in remembering you wanted to go p/time but school wouldn'tlet you??
  • I still fancy teaching and I enjoy my management stuff but I have been there 6 years and am fed up now. I really like this job I've seen and the school is lovely and it is so rare to get a deputy job share.

    I hated Lily being in nursery - she only goes two days as I have a day off in the week and hubby has a day and a half off so only goes to my mum for the afternoon on a Friday, so that is ok. I do know what you mean Katie tho!
  • Nursery will be really good for her though - my lo has come on leaps and bounds and being with other kids is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for them!!! image
  • They let me do 4 days a week - I get Wednesday off. If I had wanted to drop to 3 days I would of had to give up my TLR they said, so we mananged to sort hubby's hours to help out. I am going to ring them tomorrow in my PPA time. No harm looking round, I feel quite excited about it! It is with the same LA too and start date is summer term.
  • Good luck and hope the school's the one for you x
  • oh poor you, sounds like you've had a tough day. I was meant to go back in march but have managed to extend it till september xxxx
  • Thats such a shame. And really bad that you had personal stuff trashed. I took all my stuff with me - is sitting in our loft.
    I was always honest about not wanting to return full time and infact my job isn't really there for me to return to!
    crafticharlie is right about you doing the 13 weeks in any school as long as the same lea but i think that now you've started you'll have t keep working somewhere, and I imagine you'll have done 13 weeks by the time summer term starts? It will take me forever to do my 13 weeks spread over 1 day a
  • Sorry to hear things weren't good for you. I go back to work in Feb and I am dreading it, I really dont want to leave my lo, I love him so much... more then I could ever imagine I would do and when I think about going back to work I feel sad and feel like crying. xx
  • Oh poor you! What a horrible feeling! Hopefully things will pick up for you.

    I'm dreading going back in June! I have a managment role too and am hoping they will let me go back in a teaching role as I don't want the stress! image Before I went on mat leave the HR manager said that should be fine but I now have a new line manager so God knows what she'll think - I haven't even met her yet!
  • Hi

    I am miffed about my personal stuff, I even hid it ina cupboard and said it was mine and not schools, but the cheeky madam has been and let the kids rip books, scribble on things I made like snap cards and phonics games etc. She is still working in the school and I think is annoyed I have come back and she is now just doing in house supply cover. I put my start date as the first day as the xmas hols so I have already done '2 weeks' so only 11 to go which is up to Easter then I can go! The atmosphere has been bad in school since this time last year and I was hoping it may have changed but it hasn't! I am soooo looking forward to my wednesday off! Only tomorrow to work then a day off yay!!!

    Spedshaw I have Year 2 children and a few year 1s this year.
  • How crap - esp when you have made stuff I brought it all home with me for that reason cos it takes hours!!!
  • Sorry to hear that you've had such a bad first day. You'll definitely have to find out more about that part time job- and let us know how things go!

    I have a feeling that I'll be in a very similar situation when I go back to my school. I've been wanting to leave for a while now but I wouldn't have felt right getting a new job while I was trying to get pregnant. So I can fully understand why you would be wanting to move on after 6 years- hope things work out for you!
  • Cos if you get paid more the statutory maternity pay then you have to return to work or pay the extra back. Individual companies/organisations have different lengths of time etc!
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