is grace weaning herself off the breast already?? :(

grace is coming up to 8 1/2 mths and iv followed her lead from day one with feeding.Shes only had 2 bf a day for some time now id say just over 2 mths but she seems to be getting less interested in her bedtime feed lately!its been a bit of a battle this week with her just pulling off and trying to sit up,shel have a couple of sucks n thats it she just wants to go to bed!!what do u think i should do?is she too young to just have the 1 bf a day?i do add calcium to her diet in other ways ie:milk on her breakfast,cheese sauces,yoghurts.I am pregnant with baby number 3 and am not sure if this has anything to do with it or whethere its just a coinsidence?any help appreciated! also posted in bf forum! xxxx


  • oliver lost interest when i became preggers with evie, and evie is now like grace, a little bit then loses interest, she is 9m ( i keep thinking she is still 8m,lol) she dosnt spend as long for bedtime feed either and dosnt eat much anyway, i try to give her as much cal in her diet as i can get her to eat but so long as she is happy and lively i wont worry i guess if she gets hungry she will feed. xx
  • My lo cut out his b edtime feed at the same time! He was 8.5 months and I spent a week trying to get him to feed before bed and him getting really cross about it and not latching on so we just gave him a drink of water then and he just didn't want milk. He carried on with a mornign feed before brekkie for another 2 months and then totally weaned himself off the breast at 10.5 months - he never did take formula though so he just had dairy from then on.

    You can't force her if she doesn't want it. It maybe to do with the pregnancy but it may just be her not wanting a bedtime feed anymore!
  • Hi hon - she might be enforcing a break from bfing before your next lo arrives!

    I have heard that pg can affect the taste of it, but also she could just be asserting her authority!

  • hey karen where av u been??? not spoke 2 u for ages!! how r u and hows reiss??hope hes settling better for you now,u said ud moved on from bf didnt u last time i spoke?? thanx everyone for your replies i think im worrying more than i need to about it really! iv been trying to fed her at bedtime still and last night she actually bit me cuz she just didnt want it! ouch!! she fed for about 10 seconds 2nite,think il keep offering it her for the rest of the week n if she dosent want it il leave it! shes growing up so fast image i shouldnt complain i suppose at least my boobs will get a bit of a break!! xxx
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