at what age did your babies take their first steps

hi daisy is 10 months and been walking round furniture and pulling herself up for few weeks now but for past few days shes been standing unaided for few seconds she even clapped her hands today whilst standing. do you think she will be walking soon? Im dreading it im chasing her all round house now trying to avoid injury .


  • That's really good at 10 months! Well done Daisy :\)

    Kade took his first steps on 4th Oct 08 so was 13 months and had been standing a couple of weeks before then so hopefully it won't be too long before she's on her feet..or maybe not hopefully so hey?
  • Kelsie was 13.5 months. Now she walks everywhere!

  • Poppy had been walking round the furniture etc since about 10 months too but didn't take her first steps unaided until she too was 13 months (wierd as it was the same as Kade and they were both born on the same day!). Now she runs everywhere and is into everything and I'm left wondering where my little baby went!
  • She was pulling herself up on furniture, tables etc at just before 10 months.

  • Kara is 15 months and should be walking any day now. She is holding us very little now but just doesn't have the confidence yet to let go.
  • Charlotte is nearly 1 and has been trying to stand for about a month but is not quite ready for cruising yet. She normally tries to stanf whilst pulling herself up on us rather than the furniture.
  • Bren was cruising furniture for a while, and standing unaided taking the odd couple of steps but he started walking properly at 11 months. He is now 12 months and is trying to run everywhere - particularly when he has something he shouldn't have lol!!! Think with the next one I am not going to encourage it as much - bloomin shattering chasing after them lol!!! xx
  • thats brill!!

    j was 11 months when he ook his first steps and Isaac was about a year.

    By how you explain it, it defo sounds like she'll be walking soon! xx
  • Ollie was 10 months, and running around by 12 months. :roll:
    Its chaos! ~Although a lot easier than having to carry him.

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