I could not be responsible for my actions!

Just been reading my local news pages after reading about the baby on the beach only to discover this:

'Hospital officials have apologised after part of a newborn baby's finger was sliced off as a midwife used scissors to cut her umbilical cord.'

I honestly could not be responsible for my actions had a midwife done this to Arthur!!!


  • I heard about this too. Obviously, I can understand why people would be very upset and angry if this happened to their baby. However, the poor midwife that accidently did this will not even go to work now, because of how bad and guilty she feels. I know that it's not a nice thing to have happened, but accidents do happen.
    I'm glad my OH didn't do that when he cut Flynn's cord though!
  • I can appreciate that as more of an accident. Than a friend of a friend's baby had the tip of his finger cut off, by a midwife....cutting his nails! I mean what was she using shears?? xx
  • While I appreciate that accidents do happen I can't see how the midwife managed to cut the finger off. For a start the finger is no where near the umbilical cord and secondly surely she was met with some resistance, there is bone in a finger!!!

    I do feel very sorry for the midwife however I feel sorrier for the poor baby, as if being born is not traumatic enough to then have your finger cut off, very painful!

  • I read several articles about this incident, all of which I read accurately! In the majority of news articles it actually states that the midwife cut the finger off and that the parents are concerned that the child might need reconstruction surgery when older.

    Slicing the top of the skin is one thing but cutting the finger off is another. Perhaps the press should make it clearer in order to eliminate any confusion.

    However, I doubt the headline -Midwife scratches finger with umbilical cord scissors' would sell many papers!

  • I cut my baby's finger when cutting her nails a few months ago and she didn't even flinch. I only realised when I saw a bit of blood on me and couldn't work out where it had come from. I also wasn't using shears ;\)

    Saw the midwife story on the news headlines the other night, but have to admit I was in bed before they covered it, so I don't know the details.
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