how are your little ones sleeping so early?!?!?

just wondering how you have got your little ones to go to sleep so early in the evening. mine won't go to sleep before 10pm. wakes at 8am (ish)


  • How old is your LO? Eoins been going to bed at 7pm from about 7 months old... we gradually made it earlier as his milk intake dropped xxx
  • It will gradually get earlier so don't worry. Gabe used to go to bed at 9 when he was younger but at 10 weeks ish it became 7-8. Now he is 6 1/2 months and he goes to bed at 7.30 - 8 x
  • My lo is 16 weeks and I am doing bathtime at 9pm, so she is down by 9.45/10 ish. Personally I prefer it that way because she sleeps through till 8 and I can get mor sleep myself- I worry that if I tried to put her down earlier she would be waking at 6am! Later on I will gradually bring it forward as she needs less milk, and also it will need to be brought forward for when I return to work.
  • sorry. zakareya is almost 20 weeks
  • I think some babies will let you gradually inch them back towards an early bedtime, in twenty or so minute increments... try a little earlier each night. However some don't image! I found with my eldest who detested missing a moment of day light, if it meant waiting up for the sunrise, that once they start crawling and walking they wear them selves out enough to sleep a little better... you could try an afternoon swim...

    Good luck

  • we have established a good bedtime routine, also she would get too tired and ratty if we didn't put her to bed at 8pm!
  • millie use to go to bed at 10pm but she would always nap downstairs til then. she has less naps in day now and goes to bed between 6.45-8pm wakes between 4-6 for a feed or sometimes sleeps through til 7am. i bath her then put her to bed after her last feed most the time shes really tired and will fall asleep straight away, other times i put her down awake and she will take an hour to go to sleep, ( shes in her cot in own room) but she never crys or moans just coos away to herself so i leave her and she will then put herself to sleep. shes 12 weeks now and has been doing it since about 8 weeks. she has always slept alot though!! she needs her sleep lol xx
  • We started a bed time routine at 6 weeks old and its worked well. He has a bath between 6:30 and 7 and is usually down and sleep by 7:30-8. He gets really horrible if we keep him up any later!
  • like carly we started a bedtime routine, ours at 8 weeks tho, we have bath at 7, bottle at 7.30 and bed at 8...he took to it straight away and he sleeps til 6am! x
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