FAO 2nd time c-section Mums...(long post...)

Hi all you c-section mummy's.

I have a question.
After having a c-section for your second child, how did you manage afterward picking up your first lo?
How soon did you lift them, what did you avoid and has it had any long term effects?

I have not had another baby but went into hospital 2 weeks ago to have two large ovarian cysts removed and it is exactly the same procedure as a c-section (without the baby coming out!!).

I had an emergency c-section originally with Ruby who is now 7 months old.

They have re-opened the scar, cut the muscle etc etc and the recovery is the same.

However, Ruby is now 21lbs and I am finding in sooo difficult not to lift her.
I feel fine, a little period type pain and the wound is weeping slightly but how should I be managing, what should I definitely not do and what CAN I do?

They say to lift nothing heavier than a kettle for 6 weeks! Almost impossible.

My parents have been great but are going on holiday next week, in-laws are away and oh can't get any time off work. What the HELL am I going to do????

Please advise on what you did/suggestions for coping etc...

What about ironing/cleaning as well? Hubbie is great but I feel so useless and he can only do stuff when he comes home and works weekends too.

It was different when Ruby was born as she was our newborn and I did nothing but take care of her. Now we are in a good routine and she wants to play, needs to go in her highchair for food, in and out of the cot for naps etc.

Sorry for the long post.

I need your help!!

What have you all done?

Rachel. xxx


  • How long after your c-section were you lifting him hun?

    Anybody else?

  • My first 2 were normal deliveries but my third was c-section and at the time my other 2 were 3 and 20- months. I must admit i was naughty and was still doing everything with them just carefully. I think when you have other children to look after your own care slightly goes out the window. I will say my wound was fine and the little twinges are there to warn you not to overdo it. I just used to find if i did it in moderation I was fine. But I must say I avoided doing too much until my stitches were out as I personalloy felt more comfortable doing everything then!! x
  • Thanks guys.
    Well, I had it done 2 weeks ago today and the stitches came out last Monday.
    Hopefully next week, as long as I am carefull then I will be able to look after her myself.
  • I don't think I avoided anything after my c section, I was walking up n down within 4 hours of having it, and went bowling 8 days afterwards and picking up 3 year old mil looks after - it never occurred to me not to - silly i know?!! But I recovered incredibly well........
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