anyone got an obaby xi double pushchair???

hey guys after one hell of a struggle with my maclaren twin techno the other day, i decided i needed a double which protected lo from the weather and her brothers poking fingers, so i have ordered the Obaby Xi. i ave read reviews on them, but would rather ask a couple of questions about it.

one review said that the hood doesn't go over toddlers head with the seat unit on the front??? can anyone measure the distance between the bit they sit and the hood?? also how long is the back rest on the additional seat unit??? someone also said the traincover doaesn;'t fit in tanhdem mode?? and what is the maximum weight you can have in the additional seat whilst it is on top?? (the last thing i want is it collapsing onto baby)

oh and i'll be using it for a newborn and a 2 yr old (after taking 45 mins to make a 10 min walk in the rain, i do need one)

hope someone can answer my questions xxxxxxx
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