I don't know wot to do

Hello ladies
I've got a bit of a dilemma...
I went back to work bout 5 weeks ago to the same place i worked in my hokidays from uni cos didn't want to apply for a permanent job then cos wanted to go away at smas etc so didn't think there was ne point, i am on contract in this job til june but hope to leave b4 then. It is sooo boring and i hate it, i dread goin to work eachday, which makes it even harder to leave lo

Ne way my dilemma is that i've been offered a job in a different department (same money) but i don't know whether to take it or not cos is there really ne point if i'm hopefully gonna leave end of jan feb time. On the other hand this department is where i worked b4 and all the ppl r really nice

So ne opinions welcome, i have to let them know tomorro

Thank u


  • Hi hun. Maybe you would enjoy the job more in the new department and want to stay? especially if the people are nicer as that really does ,make all the difference! If you dont feel that the new role is gonna be any better for you then maybe not worth bothering with.
  • I'd def go for it! if nothing else it gives you something different to do, different people to talk to! at the end of the day you hate where you are so not like your risking anything!



  • I think ur rite bout the ppl makin all the difference, still not def sure wot i'll do think will c how i feel in the mornin.
    i don't want to stay its not wot i want to do at all am jst doin it 4 a few months to get some money
    Thanks ladies
  • Hi,
    I too think that you should go for the new option, sounds like you'd be happier there-also at the moment it's hard to get any kind of job so if you need to stay a bit longer it'd be better in a job you enjoy!
    Lydia x
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