Did anyone go over 42 weeks?

G/C from Due in May. I am 13 days over my EDD. I have wanted to avoid induction but feel that it is inevitable now. I had a sweep on Saturday and was 1 - 2 cm dilated. I had a lot of show later that day and yesterday but have not developed any contractions. I read if a sweep is successful, it will usually bring on labour within 42 hours. I'm getting occasional pains but nothing regular and I'm not convinced they are contractions as they seem to correspond with when I need to go to the loo.

I'm getting more and more frustrated and also concerned for the welfare of my baby, I'm considering phoning the hosp to see if they'll induce me today.

Does anyone have any similar experiences they could share


Sarah 41+6


  • Hi. They should have given you an induction date at 41 weeks! They shouldn't let you go over 42 weeks, because the quality of the placenta deteriorates. I guess the body says, baby should be out by now! My friend got induced at exactly 42 weeks, that was Christmas Eve! Definitely push for an induction, or at least to be monitored in hospital. Hope everything goes well, and you're meeting your lo very soon. xx
  • I would phone the hospital as well.

    I was induced at 9 days overdue, and given pessaries for four days. I spent day 14 in labour before Grace was born via section on day 15, so as the process can be long I would feel it best to contact them sooner to arrange,

    Good luck!

    Em xx
  • Not many people go over 42 weeks these days as hospitals are so keen to induce. My friend however went to 43 weeks with both her two (20 years ago) and was absolutely fine, so if you don't want to be induced then don't let them push you into it, however you may well need to go in everyday for a bp check.
  • Hi hun,

    I was induced at 13 days over. I wasnt keen to get induced and rather than set an induction date i just said i would wait and see what happened. So my mw booked me in for a doppler scan at 12 days overdue to make sure the baby was fine and the placenta was doing its job. A couple of days before the scan though i had a huge emotional breakdown and really regretted not booking the induction. I phoned the hospital in a panic because i just wanted my baby out now! They said there was nothing they could do as i needed my mw to refer me. They recommended i just wait until the Monday for my scan and see how everything was then and how i was feeling before making a decision about induction.

    So i went for the scan and everything was fine, baby was thriving and the placenta was still doing the job it was supposed to - there was no deteriation. I was then asked if i wanted to be induced. I was 2cm dilated and the mw's were surprised i hadnt popped yet! So i asked for an induction - i couldnt imagine waiting any longer!

    So i was induced the next day, luckily as i was already dilated a little they could break my waters for me and i didnt need the pessarys. I was just put straight on the drip.

    The only thing i didnt like about the induction was the fact that to get the drip to do its job properly they had to keep turning it up and down to get me to contract at a good rate - not too quickly and not too slowly. I won't lie, when they turned the drip up it was agony but when it was turned back down it was managable. I ended up taking G&A, Diamorphine and then asked for an epidural.

    I quite liked the fact that the end was in sight with the induction, rather than just waiting to see what happened. But the mw's were sure i would have gone naturally pretty soon if i hadnt been induced. If i wasnt induced they would have given me regular scans to check on baby.

    If you don't want to be induced, don't feel pressured or that your baby is in any danger. Everything is most probably fine. If you are worried, ask your hospital/mw for a doppler scan to check the blood flow from placenta to baby. It may help you make up your mind and put your mind at rest.

    The hospital should be keeping a close eye on you once you hit 42 weeks and dont opt for induction.

    Take care and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Hi - my son was born at 42+2. My hospital's policy was to induce no later than 41+6 but it was over Christmas/New Year and they had no beds available so I was booked for 42+1 and told to ring every day before that to see if there were any beds free. There weren't and even on the day I was booked they turned me away due to a bed shortage!!

    I eventually got a bed on 42+2 after my husband did some bullying - I had been having painful contractions for days but with no progress being made and we were fed up.

    As it turned out, all they had to do was break my waters artificially and things quickly got moving on their own - I didn't need gel, pessaries or drip. They can only do that if you're 2cm dilated but sounds like you might be there already.

    So don't panic too much, you may not need "the works"!

    In the meantime, definitely get yourself booked in if you haven't already so that you have a plan if things don't start moving on their own before then.

    Good luck!!!!

    C image
  • HAve been debating wheter or not to post this as I certainly don't want to scare a heavily pregnant mummytobe but I guess we all wish someone had told my friend of the dangers so have decided to post.

    I hope you have contacted the hospital by now but if you haven't please do so. My friend was one of those who 'slipped through the net'. Due to a mixup where she had changed GP surgeries late pregnancy both midwifes thought the other was looking after her. She didn't want an induction - really wanted a home/aural birth so didn't contact anyone when she went 14 days over and noone contacted her (which they absolutely should do - you should be extremely closely monotored if you go 2 weeks over and refuse induction). I won't go in to all the details but the outcome was that her placenta failed and the poor LO was born sleeping. All just heart breaking.

    Now I am sure this won't happen to you of course, but I would contact labour ward and insist on going in to be checked - I imagine when you say how over due you are you will be asked to go in.
    Sorry if I've upset anyone but I know thta my friend desperately wishes that someone had told her of the dangers.

    All the best xx
  • I didn't go over 42 weeks, I was induced at 41+4 - but, I had a sweep at 41 weeks and was 2-3cm dilated, had a huge show at 41+2, was uncomfortable but no particular contractions. I went on for the induction as booked at 41+4, still 2-3 cm dilated! After an hour on the monitor, they broke my waters, started to get niggles 2 hours later, they started me on the drip and contractions kicked in in earnest and lo arrived 2 hours and 47 minutes later, on just gas and air. I know there are some stories of awful inductions, but it doesn't have to be like that if your body is ready, like mine was, and it sounds like yours is - sometimes we just need a helping hand! I'm now 36+4 with no2 and would do it that way again in a shot - although I'd rather not have all the waiting around in limbo beforehand lol!

    Yes I stayed on the bed, but probably could've got up a bit if I wanted too, but the contractions were very intense - I coped, just didn't feel like walking around!

    The placenta function can deteriorate after 42 weeks, so you would need regular scans to check it's function if you aren't induced - I can't speak for others but that was a risk I wasn't willing to take. You might wait and end up with an induction anyway, or you might go on your own in a couple of days - but I was more dilated than you at my sweep and hadn't progressed in 4 days. Just my experience, but if I were you I'd go for the induction.
  • i went over by 16 days - i was down for a home birth and our hospital had a wait and see policy with a check at 42 weeks. At the check they did a sweep and found the amniotic fluid was depleted so I was booked in for an induction at 42+1 and she was finally born 42+2.
    Wasn't ideal, but wasn't as bad as it sounds either!
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