Just after some opinions what to do with Barney. We've been playing outside and I popped into the kitchen to make some toast (only food I've had all day :roll: ) 30 secs later there was a thump and a scream (from Barney) so I ran out and scooped him up, when he calmed down I looked at him and he has a huge lump/bruise along his cheekbone. Apparantly he was trying to get up the climbing frame and was in Millie's way, so she pulled him down and he's smacked his face on the way down. He did cry a lot but within 5 mins was sat happily eating my toast (so I'm still hungry :roll: ) Do you think he needs to go to A&E? I'm thinking if he'd smashed his cheekbone he wouldn't be happily eating toast, but I can't get hold of oh for a 2nd opinion!


  • Hi

    If your worried about it at all i'd pop him down just to be safe.

    Do you have a walk in centre near you ?

  • erm, yeah. I'd take him just to be on the safe side as if anything did come of it then he's in the system.
    It shouldnt take long as children are almost top priority so they see you asap...
    he is prob ok but if it was me i'd be taking him down...

  • Well, we didn't go. When he had finished the toast he started wrestling with his sister and didn't even flinch whe she caught his cheek so I'm fairly sure there's nothing wrong with him, the bruise also seems to be fading already. Unfortunately I have no faith in being seen even nearly quickly, last time I took Millie to A&E, with a head injury, we waited 2 hrs without being seen. I'm on my own with them today and the idea of 2 grumpy, hunrgy toddlers in A&E for 2 hours was not a good one!!
  • Hope he is alright hun!

    Charlie is a little bull & often headbuts things as a way of moving them like a spare hand :roll:

    Now when his head crashes one of ours heads, we check if the other persons alright :lol: you'd be crying & he'd be looking at you as if to say stop being such a drama queen! lol

    :lol: @ Millie explaining - 'well he was in my way' I'm sure I have lots of that to come!

    I'm sure your confident that he is over it hun a mothers gut instinct is great & no one knows Barney better than you!

    Hope his face doesn't bruise too much! xx

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  • Millie actually told me that the giant ball (they have my birth ball to play with) did it :roll: yesterday she invented an imaginary friend called Scampy so I'm suprised he didn't get the blame :lol:
  • Just seen this - hope he's still ok. They do tend to take more than what you think. Charlotte is falling over loads at the moment as she's walking more (and I'm letting go)!

    Scampy - so cute and so funny xx
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