Parent and Child spaces.... is it just me?

Or does it really really really drive any one else mad, when you can't get a space and then whilst you're carrying your little one from one end of the car park to the other (just so you could get a space with no car next to it so you can get baby out) you see countless people getting back into their cars parked on the parent and child spaces alone - no child! I saw 5 people yesterday evening and ended up moaning at a guy yesterday who just said oh yeah sorry and carried on walking into the store! I complained to Tesco who just said sorry nothing we can do really as they can't legally prevent them. But i think if they can't do anything then don't bother having the spaces. If the spaces didn't exist, i wouldn't mind i don't think. AAARrrrggghh!

Rant over!


  • i totally agree. this happened to me tuesday so i went right down to the other side of the car park to find a space with ni cars either side. then when i came out of the shop somebody had parked either side so i had no way of gettin car seat in. luckily my mum was with me so i moved my car somewhere else where there was a space but if mum hadn't of been with me then i would have been stuck!! so annoying!!
    luc xx

  • OMG!! I completely agree with you. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I can never get the car door open enough to get Grace's car seat out and have to squeeze through a tiny gap. I saw a man getting into his car parked in a parent and child space, with no child, and told him what i thought lol !! It makes me so mad. :x

    They should be giving people tickets who park in the spaces and if they don't why the hell have them in the first place, when we can't use them!!

  • This drives me bonkers, I end up carrying a 7 week old and a 21 month old across a busy car park. Why don't they just put the baby trolleys the otherside of the carpark - would make it so much easier for me!!
  • Phew glad to see it isn't just me! What also annoys me is when people with children park in a space but then one of the adults stays in the car with the kids whilst the other one goes in and does the shopping. These spaces are to provide door space in getting children/car seats out, not just a special right for having a child!

    Downsey - i hadn't even thought about having more than 1 child, that must be a nightmare for you! How are you finding the age gap? I'm still not sure when to try for another, my ds is 6 months now.
  • To be honest, its doesn't seem much different at the moment, I just have to be far more orgranised! They are both quite laid back and my son just wants to kiss and hold her all the time. My sons new thing is if someone starts talking to him, he has to point at his sister and say look look as if he's showing her off. I love the age gap between them, and was very lucky to fall pregnant straight away with both of them, I just hope they stay close and have a good relationship (like my brother and I).
    The hardest thing for me is actually getting to where you are going from the car, and trying to get out safely. I can never get parent and children spaces at our shopping centre and have probs getting the pushchair out the car and getting them in. x
  • I don't understand why they don't put the parent and child spaces further away from the shop. No one would park in them then except the people who need them. And than next to it the baby trollies, so you can take one straight away. Don't see why they don't do that, instead of putting them right in front of the shop opening, that of course is part of the reason people like parking there.
  • G/C but had to comment. lol

    I think there should be pregnant / bump parking!! I parked on the other side of the car park one day as I thought it would still be fairly empty and I would have space to get back into my car. when I came out I was wedged right in (to the point they bent back my wing mirrors!!) I was in floods of tears as I couldnt get back into my car sat deserted in the car park for ages and then after about a half hour I thought about going into the store and have the guy paged over the intercom to kindly move his car so I could go home.

    *as you can imagine I wasnt very popular with they guy either*
  • what drives me mad as well is when disabled badge holders park in the mother and baby spaces when there r no disabled spaces appreciate they have their badges for a reason and need to be close to the entrance but if we parked in the disabled spaces as no mother and baby ones free would probably get clamped!!!
  • Ggrrr! I'm with you girls on this one! This drives me insane. I was at Tesco the other day, and it was absolutely bucketting it down with rain, and at our Tescos the Parent and Child spaces are covered and much more sheltered.

    Well, I got absolutely drenched getting my 2 out of the car. When walking past the parent and child spaces there were 6 different cars parked with the drivers still in them - no children - waiting for the rain to stop.

    I mentioned this to them in store and was told there was nothing could be done - even though they have signs to say that if you dont have one of those Tesco parent and child parking permits you can't park there without getting fined. What's the point of even having the signs, let alone the poxy permits, if they aren't enforced??

    Purple sox, at the Asda in Mansfield there are mother and bump spaces as well as parent and child - I was very impressed!
  • i am regisitered disabled and have a 7 month old baby.
    what you seem to be forgetting, and as i have said many times on here, people choose to have children, disabled people dont have any choice about being disabled.
    disabled drivers are actually entittled to park in a mother and baby space if there are no disabled spaces left.
    and yes if people use a disabled space when there isnt any M&C spaces left when they dont have a disabled badge should be clamped! simple as. (and lets face it, lots of parents do that anyway, well they do round my area)

    i dont agree with disabled drivers parking in a mother and baby space when there are disabled spaces avaliable. i know i never do!

    /end of rant

    what drives me mad as well is when disabled badge holders park in the mother and baby spaces when there r no disabled spaces appreciate they have their badges for a reason and need to be close to the entrance but if we parked in the disabled spaces as no mother and baby ones free would probably get clamped!!!
  • I don't have any issues with disabled badge holders parking in M&B spaces but I take serious exception to people using M&B spaces just because they drive a big car. I went to Waitrose the other day. I had walked so, on this occasion, didn't need a space but as I was walking through the car park, I saw a lady in a Range Rover park in the M&B space and get out, No child in sight. Had I been driving and spotted her, I'd have said something. I was so mad. Well out of order!!

  • Sleepy beccie im sorry didnt mean to cause offence, really should think before i speak sometimes

  • everytime i go morrisons i see people abusing these spaces and it drives me mad. i spoke to one of the managers at morrisons - yep i was fuming. he told me when i see someone parking there that shouldnt be if i give the car details to customer service they'll call the driver back. i havent done this everytime as it happens so often but i have a couple of times!
  • drives me mad as well, people can be so selfish using them is they don't need to. I do think though that pregnant women should be able to use them i had spd and was on crutches so walking was painfull and i just couldn't gt into the car half the time as there wasn't enough space.
    me and dh always argue about disabled people parking in m&b spaces. I don't mind if there's no disabled spaces, my brother is in a wheelchair, he can't walk so has to use a disabled space to get the wheelchair to the side of the car, if you think it's hard getting a baby and carseat in, in a normal space think about getting into a wheelchair in a normal space it's impossible.
  • G/C too but I agree with PurpleSox about the mother and bump spaces. I deliberately parked at the far end of the car park, in the rain (irrelevant just feeling sorry for myself lol), so I could park in a big space with nothing next to me so I could swing my door open wide to get out. When I got back to the car not only had someone parked next to me (not a problem it is a space after all) but they had parked so close I could barely fit down the gap. I had to shuffle sideways and I really hurt myself getting into the car. It is not just inconvenient because I am pregnant, it's always bloody bad driving to park like that but of course if you drive a big car you have a god given right to park however you like!!

    I agree with Breighlin, they should put mother and baby further away from the entrance and make a hell of a lot more of them! 9 times out of 10 people who need the bigger spaces to get car seats and/or bumps out of the car have no problem walking the distance (SPD etc of course being a different matter) so if they just put them further away and had a trolley park there for baby trolleys people would stop abusing the facility and it could be used by people who actually need it!
  • When I was heavily pregnant with Millie I left my car on the end of a row of spaces so that I would definitely have enough room to get back in. Came back to find someone had left a bloody great Range Rover 2 inches from my drivers door. Not only stopping me opening the door (I had to climb in from the passenger side) but also blocking up the whole car park because no one could get passed it. Some people are just selfish and ignorant.
    TBH I've given up getting annoyed about M+B spaces, there are so many selfish knobs that I was spending all my life annoyed!
  • omg!!!!! dont even get me started on this not an angry person and it takes ALOT to wind me up, but jesus this really does p*** me off!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, it winds me up when I see people parking in the M&B spaces when they are on their own. I appreciate some of them have families but when the kids are not with them, bog off and park elsewhere! Having an empty child seat in the car does not entitle them to park.

    I parked in M&B space a few weeks back when it was very wet and windy. I came out of the store to discover that an inconsiderate driver (not sure if they had kids or not) had been too lazy to return their trolley and drove off leaving it in the bay next to me - the wind had blown it into my car door which is now scratched and dented. I was fuming. Needless to say my baby heard me curse!

    I have no issue with disabled people parking in the M&B spaces. I would not like their disability and am thankful that I can walk.
  • I live in Germany, and they have slightly bigger spaces but they still ark right overto one side most times so you can't get in (I am 6 mths pregnant). However they also have M&B parking in all multi-storeys and you WILL get clamped or fined if you park there with no baby in tow. They are far more reasonable here though, and far more family orientated so do not tend to take the mick and park in the wider spaces if they don't have babies.
  • I have just replied to you samm1551 in intoroduce yourself. We have moved from Germany in July, the spaces are loads bigger arnt they and Im pretty sure I never saw a car without kids parked in the p &c spaces which is fab, I get rage too people just dont give a shit, our car is quite wide so most of the time I have to park it far out to make sure I get Amber out and the other car can get theirs back in!!! xx
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