I don't want to give my lo little stars or petit filou as so much sugar - can u give plain yoghurt? Was thinking could mix it with fruit?

debbie and Joshua (20 something weeks - I've lost count!)


  • been told natural greek yoghurt mixed with a bit of homemade fruit puree is a winner with babies

    but am yet to try it so cant personally say!

  • I do that some times but more often than not we buy muller little stars because I think that there is probably just about the same amount of sugar in the fruit puree's.
  • Little Rachel's organic baby yoghurts have nothing but organic natural ingredients, no added sugar. Found an added ingredient list on the website (also yoghurt, obviously);


    Organic Apple Juice Concentrate (10.8%)
    Organic Strawberries (10.7%)
    Organic Rice Starch
    Organic Lemon Juice

    xx image
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