when you go out, where do you go>

Just wondering where you all go so you not stuck ion the house 24/7?!

Ive been happy with lo in the house, shes 7mths now. However, its getting to the point where im sure she bored of the same toys!
mon...drive down the road to farm shop.
Tues...i walk down to the surgery to get her weighed
wed...i walk to town to bank, post office etc.
fri...i walk to library fro rhythm

there is a park in the village, will 7mths look silly, if I was with her and put her in a baby swing...was jsut thinking something different.

Friend come over but they all work. both parents live at least 10miles away. there is a toddler group but I was thinking of going to, but lo has being unwell this week. So think I might wait until after Christmas to go to. I guess what I'm really saying, is im getting a tincy bit bored at home and feel as thought my daughter is getting bored of me entertaining her! She loves spending time in her door bouncer...only probs is I dont put her in it much at the mo, as the hallways freezing!

please inspire me ladies! xxx


  • deffo take her to the park honey, i was taking evie at 5months and she\s always loved the swings and seeing the other children playing! you won't look silly. I meet up with other mummys that i met at baby groups when evie was younger, we go to a couple of indoor play areas and evie loves it there! I just tend to visit family or friends or go shopping or what have you...
  • i visit other peoples houses as much as poss. have you no frineds with lo's who you can swap toys with for a few weeks? that would give her a change!
    i go shopping way too much, spend a lot of time at mil's house and go baby clinic.
  • im sure your lo would love to go on the swings, just wrap her up warm and im sure it will be fun image xx
  • The park is a great place to take your lo, music singalong classes are fantastic too.
  • This shows where my mind is at the moment, I read your topic header and my first thought was "the pub" lol!

  • I usually go into town on the bus one day a week and go shopping, I also sometimes go to boots in the retail park near us to get some bits. It's a walk anyway! on a thursday I go to a baby group. And on friday I sometimes go to a indoor play with my friends and their lo's. with ball pools and the like lol.
    The problem is I don't live in the nicest area. There is no place to feed the ducks and no baby swings. In fact the only park is a hole full of teenage chavs *cry* xx
  • I might take her dwn the the swings toorrow or next week. (i think theres one in our village!)
    Went down the town today, did my bit of fitness lol! I always take a small bit of cash with me incase theres some games or clothing in the charity shop. Um...decided it was time I treated myself to some chocolate...only probs its was a 400g bar! only brought it cos it was cheaper than a 200g bar!
    naughty me *slaps wrists* xxx
  • lol tigerlily, am the same i live in the place where the phrase chav actually comes from...maybe u heard of it - Chatham! every park is vandalised, full of empty beer cans and teens shooting up, nice!
    Joey do u have a surestart centre anywhere near u? i have one nearby and its fab, they do loads of activities xxx
    oh, and i also thought "pub" when read the title of this post!
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