Swimming baths prep!

I want 2 take my 6mth old swimming, but not sure how 2 prepare.. Are there swimming type nappies 4 baby that they have 2 wear? Are there special armbands for babies? Will i need them? Just want 2 be prepared! Hope u can help?


  • Hi
    They are some special nappies little swimmers i think. I got tescos own make which were cheaper than huggies and just as good. I got Jack some armbands for babies from mothercare ??5. Also the wetsuits you can get are good as baby wont get cold next do them so do matalan. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do xx
  • Hi there

    we swim every week me and my 5 month old and have done since 3 months. You can buy disposable swim nappies at the supermarket - they are called aqua nappies or something but they can be quite expensive and only come in large sizes, you can also buy washable swim nappies which make more money sense and are dead easy - you just wash them with the swimming towels - get them from most department stores or online e.g. kiddicare.com. As for arm bands what you really need for lo is a swim seat like this:
    you have to get the right size for lo as they vary or you can just hold lo and see how you go.

    Hope that helps!
  • Jojomamanbebe also do good value wetsuits for los to swim in and baby floats. My lo has been going swimming since 3 months old and loves it! x
  • Thanku all of you, i feel alot better about it now! Water here come!
  • i got an inflatable ring/seat thing for evie but ended up not using it as she loved being free just in my arms and swimming about! so perhaps borrow one before you buy if you can off anybody just to see if you'll use it! x
  • we started swimming last week and all we have are the little swimmers nappies. Lo is 20wks and I just hold him and he loves it.
    Happy swimming x
  • Some swimming pools like you to double up on the nappies I do waterbabies with Ellie and we started when she was 10 weeks old (now 7months) and she wears huggies little swimmers (or tescos own) disposable swim nappies then a happy nappy on top (see below). You can buy these online else where or mothercare do there own type of swim nappy. Hope you enjoy it, Ellie loves it and is a true waterbaby. xx

  • i bought a swim nappy from mothercare, and his baby ring seat from asda!
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