Hello all mummies and babies!
Sorry I havent been on in ages, things have been mad. Theo was really poorly a couple of weeks ago, he had a nasty ear and throat infection and was screaming day and night. We were given antibiotics from the dr and he's fine now. He still isnt sleeping through though! He wakes at least twice for his dummy. And he turned 6 months last week, surely he should be going through now?
I'm 20+5 with number 3 now! Cant believe how quickly this pregnancy is going.
Hope you and all babies are well!


  • I'm fine! Tired, but I think I would be tired if I was pregnant or not! How are you all doing?
  • I've got my scan on friday so should hopefully find out then.
    Robs taken theo to his mums so I'm snatching half an hour of BE!
  • 20 weeks image Thats flown by!!

    What have you got so far? One of each isn't it?

    Have you any feeling as to what this LO is?

    Welcome back anyway and get well soon hugs to Theo.

  • Wow, 20 weeks! Has it gone quickly for you? Riley is still being a pickle and waking in the night too. He'd got so much better but now is teething. xxx
  • Hiya, am glad Theo's feeling better, it's miserable when they're poorly and you can't do anything!
    Your pregnancy is definitely flying by. Bet you're so excited for finding out the sex!! (as am I lol) xxx
  • hey you, I text you last week and was worried I hadn't heard back. Glad things settling down.
    OMG, 20wks already. Ooh, excited, I bet it's a girl.
    Archie still waking too but some nights we go through till 5 before he wakes and it's a real struggle to get him back to sleep.
    Will email you this week for a proper catch up. S x
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