4+2 and bunged up, what can I do?

Hi girls
Since yesterday, Oliver has been very bunged up. He sounds very nasally when he breathes. He isn't crying or causing a fuss but he isn't sleeping great as I presume he is strugglin when he lays down. Is there anything I can do or should I call the Health Visitor?
He has been a bit off his milk since yesterday too, he has been going 5 or so hours between feeds rather than 4 and yesterday he brought up most of the 2oz I managed to get down him (he usually has 4oz). He took 4oz this morning so i'm not too worried about that.
Thanks for your help


  • Definitely try a nasal aspirator. Not pleasant, but they certainly do the job! He will be a bit off his food as it's more difficult to swallow when he's blocked up, but clearing his nose immediately before feeding him should help.

    Another trick we tried with Rachel when she was tiny was to raise the head of her cot slightly, or letting her sleep upright on us for a bit, as that helped with her breathing too.

    Hope Oliver feels better soon!

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks Hannah, thats great. I'll get DH to stop and get one on his way home and i'll raise him a bit when he sleeps.
    Thanks again it's so hard when they are tiny. I just want to blow his nose for him!
  • Another trick is to take him into the bathroom with you when you have a shower. The steam should clear his nose a little.

    We tried this with our little girl at 3 weeks as she had an awful cold and it worked wonders

  • Hi hun
    Yeah the nasal aspirators are great (ours is from babies r us but you can pick them up in Boots etc).
    Another trick is to slightly raise the head on his mattress. If he's in Moses basket just roll up a little towel or something and pop it under the mattress, it made a huge difference when Ava was going through her nasally stage.
    HTH xxx
  • Saline drops and sprays are good and think they can be used from birth - check wiht your pharasist though x
  • I put a few drops of Olbas oil in a bowl of water on the radiator in her room.

    I also used a menthol rub on her the first time she was bunged up, but it did say 3+ months on the jar and she was younger than that, so I only put it on her feet and clothes rather than directly on her chest and back. It did seem to ease things a little.
  • oh, and you can raise the head end of the matress slightly when they have a cold as this helps
  • aw, Hope had a stuffy nose from 3 days old image
    It cleared up after a while We used all of the methods mentioned above - nasal aspirator, saline drops, raised sleeping and menthol/ easy breath drops in an oil burner - also keep water on ur radiators if u are using central heating - apparently HV said - it dries up the lo's nose etc and the brain over produces mucus to compensate...?!?!
    she just told us to keep her nose as clear as poss to avoid it going crusty etc.
    Bless his coton sock - hope he improves quickly.x

  • I was going to say saline drops - I'm pretty sure they can be used from birth, wish I'd known about them when my son had a cold at 5 weeks. Nasosal can be bought in supermarkets (usually in the nappy aisle, near the nappy cream). Steam in the bathroom and raising the head end of his cot are also good suggestions.
  • Hey ladies
    Thank you. Well I found some Nasosal that my MIL had got for us (she got us a box of goodies when he was born) so have been doing that all day and keeping his nose as clean as I can although it's not very snotty. I have raised his moses basket at the head end so he is a little more upright. I would say he has definately improved a bit, DH said he sounds better.
    I did ring the HV and she suggested the same as you girls, she even suggested boiling a kettle in the room he is in so he gets the steam.
    Doing the Nasosal about 20 mins before a feed is brilliant as it clears his nose enough for him to feed so getting 3.5 to 4oz in him which is great considering he is suffering.
    It's so difficult to see them struggling, I just want to blow his little nose for him. Going to get DH to get an aspirator as I still can't drive (bloody csection), even if I dont' use it this time it's going to be handy to keep around.
    I must say, I hadn't heard about babies suffering from mucus etc and I hadn't heard about Nasosal but I would definately recommend them.
    Thanks again for your help.
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