Comfort Follow on advice?!

Hi Ladies,
My 'little' man who is 8 months is currently on comfort follow milk, He has always had problems with constipation and hard stools so we've always had him on comfort or doctors milk.

There was a leaflet in the last box we bought that said they wont be making it anymore and to find an alternative.

Do any of the other brands do a comfort (easy digst) follow on? I cant seem to see one? If not, do i just give him a normal comfort milk?



  • My message made no sense as i meant to say Cow and Gate comfort follow on!! duh!!!!!!!
  • My LO was on Aptamil Comfort milk but once I started weaning I decided to try him on regulat Aptamil Follow-on milk as the varied diet he was having when he started eating food meant that he didnt suffer from constipation or hard stools anymore.
    I think the reason they recommend Follow-on milk after 6 months is because it has the increased level of iron needed for their diet. But if LO is having a varied diet that may mean you could just try him with regular follow on milk? Foods like lentils and spinach. Also I remember reading that ensuring they drink lots of fluids (including water) in between meals helps with constipation.
    Its a bit hit and miss - I remember dreading changing from comfort to regular follow-on milk, I was so worried that my LO would go back to being constipated etc, but he's fine now (he's 9 months old) image
  • Thanks for that, my LO has all homemade food which all include loads of fresh fruit and veg and he loves his water with each meal too but even on the comfort milk follow on he still seems to have hard poo. Maybe i could try him on regular follow on and see how it goes. I can always put him back onto regular comfort if need be,
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