advice am i selfish

argh just typed massive message and bloody thing crashed

Here we go again

Advice needed

shorted version

Im now full time stay at home mummy as Ray worked out better off at home

I should be excited but a part of me is saying omg i worked hard at uni and college and did this whilst working with a young child and now im just mummy

selfish? yes probs

but i need something to give me freedom and stop my mind turning mushy

joined net mums been to musical minis today and it was good so signed up, but i thought about doing something to give me goals- m,aybe studying a short course a couple of hours help later in life? setting up my own baby club- any ideas ? franchise thoughts etc?

help girls i would like your opinions, dont get me wrong i love caitlin so much and im happy that i will see her walk etc and do things with her.

But im feel sad as now im just mummy not tracey- with robbie's dad i had no choice back to work after 6 months, full time and sole provider and now im i have to be supported it feels wrong- please help xxx

Any suggestions please- im probs just being so selfish c:cry:


  • Hi there

    Short answer is NO you are not selfish at all! I totally understnad what you mean about working hard at college etc to get where you want and if you want to work there is no reason why not to! It is important to have an identity away form being a mummy (in my opinion) and if you are a happy mummy when you do spend time with your lo then that is better than being there ALL the time but not enjoying it ALL the time.

    Doing a course or setting up your own baby group would be great I would think as lojng as the course is in something you enjoy or something relevant.

    As to a franchise - some of these cna be expensive and you have to be sure that you have the business brain to make it a success! I have started working for Usborne Books from home which gives you your own business for a smaller amount. At the moment it is only ??19 to join normally ??38 (this gets you your own business, a starter pack of ??100 of books and stationary) and there are no targets to meet it is your own business to do as much or as little with - I work with my 13month old by my side and it is FAB! I get the best of both worlds, work, baby and no childcare costs! They are fab books that sell themselves and you get loads of freebies for your own lo or others!

    If your interested in finding out more email me:
    [email protected]

    Good luck whatever you decide to do but NO you are not selfish!
  • I know how you feel, I think goals is a great idea not at all selfish - my brain goes to mush after a while with no adult conversation and I am currently doing a course on furniture restoration and upholstery and am also part of a supper club. I know its not rocket science but it gives me an outside interest and long term the furniture angle could pay off.

    You should definately look into whats on offer in your area - just because we are stay at home mummy's doesn't mean we have to give up our whole lives!
  • Hey up,
    Don't think you're being selfish at all! I think it's normal to want a little something for yourself as well as being able to take care of your lo's.
    Franchise ideas I thought of a group I go to called Rhythm time which is ACE! Musicy type stuff for babies and toddlers. Our lady brings her little boy along. It's about ??40 for a term and you get a pack which tells you what to do and sends her all sorts of great musical instruments. We just go to a local church so I guess she has to cover that but otherwise. Might be worth a look.
    If you fancy doing a course maybe something your interested in or a language (think they always come in handy)?
    Your not selfish and good luck with whichever route you choose-why not both eh??!! xx
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