what time does your LO go to bed?

Iv started putting Tyler down at 7pm coz a friend said 8pm was way too late (i usually go by my own advice but this lady has had 5 kids who are all fab sleepers) but it has really been a struggle to get him to settle and where as before I could put him in his cot and 5 mins later he would be asleep, he now rolls around in his cot for 15/20 min and looks at me and smiles. He has also started waking up 3 (sometimes 4) times in the night and is wide awake by 5.30 in the morning whereas before he would wake up once sometimes twice and be up at about 6.30/7am.

I am inclined to put it back to 8pm but really want him to start sleeping through as I have problems with my 2 year olds sleeping (thats a whole other issue!) and am getting very tired of waking up with my 2 yr old and then 1/2 times (let alone 3/4 times) with Tyler!

Pleeeease help me ladies xx xx


  • When we shifted Charlotte's bed-time to earlier we did it by 15 minutes one week, then another 15 minutes the next week over a month until it was an hour earlier. Then it wasn't all in one go and she got used to the time and slept thru as normal.
    So I would try putting him in at 7.45 tonight then do what I did and see what happens! It worked for us so may work for u tooxx
    Charlotte is in bed for 7.30 now and wakes at about 8am (she's 13 months old).

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  • dd has a bath 7-8 then supper, cuddle, into sleeping bag then to bed 8-9.

    since shehas been having supper the last 2 nights she has swlept 11-12 hours

  • Poppy usually goes somewhere between 7 and half past depending on if it's bath night or not and also how long she has napped for throughout the day. She normally wakes around 8 ish.
    I would say adjust it by 15 mins a week too as his body clock won't be so confused then!
  • Hi,
    Our lo's bedtime was 7pm from probably 3 months maybe a bit older. Anyway he's 7 months tomorrow and it is getting later as he has his tea with us and it gets right waff on if oh isn't home on time. We optimisticaly aim for 7pm but last week it was anywhere between 7:30-8:30pm and he hasn't slept as well waking in the night where he usually goes through till 6-7am. I blame his bloomin' teeth!!
    I agree with ccbommy moving it slightly every week won't be such a shock to the system and he will ease it into. Hope it works x
  • Maddi normally goes to bed at 5.30. We have tried later but it never seems to work. She will end up falling asleep on the floor or refuse her bedtime bottle if we leave her too late. She use to sleep straight through but she is teething at the mo so she normally wakes up once or twice through the night with that.

    I agree with the other girls aswell to try 15 mins at a time.
  • Archie goes down about 7.30 and is asleep within minutes. But he wakes early, could be 3 could be 5. Doesn't want fed. Just wants up or a cuddle. Not sure how to tackle it but until we sell our flat he's in with us and probably not worth sleep training until he has his own room. S x
  • Isaac is in bed by 6pm as he is sooo tired by then and sometimes its a struggle to keep him up that long, I'm sure one day he's going to fall asleep with his face in his dinner :lol:
  • In theory my 2 go to bed at 7.30, in reality it is often more like 7.50 by the time we have finished reading stories etc. Barney often misses his story as if he is really tired he goes down without it. They both sleep till about 7.30 normally, Barney normally has a quick feed at about 5 but goes straight back off.
  • Rhys goes to bed around 7-7.30pm and wakes around 7.30-8am. He only usually has just one long nap of 2.2/2 hours at lunchtime or 2 half hour naps during the day xx
  • Evie and Kyra go between 6.30-7pm. Evie wakes at 8am, Kyra wakes for a dream-feed in the night, then wakes fully at 8-8.30am xox
  • Wow - we all agree!! I moved Nathans routine by 15 minutes at a time too and it worked well. He's in bed between 6.30pm - 7pm and wakes around 6.30am. He sometimes stirs in the night but Ionly go to him if he doesnt settle himself within about 5 minutes.

  • Lily has her bath about 7pm and then is usually in her cot by 7.30pm. Sometimes it is nearer 8pm if hubby is late home from work. She wakes about 6am then goes back to sleep until 7am...usually!
  • cameron usually goes to bed at 7 but it has been getting a little later over the past week or so.
    what time does Tyler sleep in the day though? cam has a long nap in a morning then only about half an hour to an hour in the afternoon..never past 5pm if he sleeps past five i have to put bedtime back or he will have a party in his cot!
    he tends to have his nap at 3-4 which means he is nicely tired by 7!
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