Sex to get baby moving

I have just stumbled across this website. Wish i would have found it sooner, im due in less than a week. I am getting fed up now and i know baby will come when it's ready but i have been told the best way to get baby moving is sex. Is this true?
I am willing to give anything a go. I have been getting pains on and off now for a few days but nothing has come of it.

This is my second baby and with my first i was 3 days early.
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  • It didn't work for us I'm afraid. My lo is 2 now but we stayed 'active' throughout pregnancy & he was still 11 days late - Sorry! I think it is worth a go, but most women who said it worked for them, probably were about to go into labour anyway. Castor oil is the only thing that's really effective, so they say, but I didn't try it xx
  • Sex can be helpful if you are getting close because semen contains prostaglandins which are the hormones used when inducing. So a good dose of semen can really help marinate your cervix! Also lots of walking to get that head on your cervix will help efface it.

    Good luck and I hope your LO will put in an appearance soon!

    Oh and my waters went after sex....
  • Yep - go for it, but it has to be good sex!

    Oxytocin is released when you orgasm which is one of the hormones that starts labour.


    B x
  • Worth a try! Didn't work for us but then neither did having my waters broken or being on a hormone drip for 14 hours!!!! :lol: She was not budging! x
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