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teething at 8 weeks?!

My daughter is 8+5 and for the past week has been dribbling a lot. She also keeps putting her hand in her mouth and sucks on my tshirt and shoulder. Could this be the start of her teeth coming through? She is also a little bit unsettled in the evenings and won't take more that 4ozs instead of her usual 7oz.

If she is teething any advice on what to do or give to her?


  • teething can last months before they actually even get a tooth, so dont worry too much. i do know a baby who had teeth at 3 months.
  • Hi

    Dylan started teething a 7 weeks, he is now 13 weeks. A little piece of tooth has just started to pop up now xx
  • hi
    noah started teething at 11 weeks
    i found to use dentinox teething gel untill they are 3 months and then at 3 months swap over to cagel teething gel....i highly reccomend them!
  • g/c from toddler my lo started teething at 8 weeks and didn't get her 1st tooth till 9 months old :roll: dentinox teething gel was a godsend
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