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Baby's ears sticking out?


Another silly post from me girls! Oh the worries and joys of being a new mother!

My baby keeps catching his ears and sleeping with them folded back so they are starting to stick out a bit now. I am obsessed, yes, that is the only word for it with keeping his ears pushed back so they don't stick out any more. He just seems to catch them when moving his head. Am I the only one and is there anything I can do other than just keeping an eye on things. I guess his ears will get stronger and won't bend back as easily once he gets a bit older (he is 13 weeks).



  • Babies ears dont have enough cartilage in them yet to keep their shape (same as their noses) Don't worry about them sticking out permanently...that's more of an inherited/genetic thing and little you can do to prevent it.

    It is normal for all babies ears to fold over. My lo is now 6 months and they no longer do it. x
  • I am the same - obsessed with making sure his ears are flat!!! Poor little man. I have been promised by friends that they will flatten in time and been shown photos of friend's babies with ears that stick out when they are little, but who now have ears that are fine!!
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  • I'd agree with the bonnet/hat idea if you're that concerned about it though it is a perfectly normal baby characteristic.
  • have you tried earbuddies? find their website they have quite good feedback xxx
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  • Hi Alis,

    I really want to use ear buddies on my 3 month old baby girl. Her ears stick out a bit as do mine - I've never had anything done about mine and am still considering corrective surgery now and I'm 31! I would have loved my parents to use ear buddies on me!

    Despite this I feel really embarrassed that people will see that I've in essence taped my daughters ears to her head! Would a wide headband cover the tape do you think as i am not keen on a hat? I will also have to convince her dad who thinks this is a silly idea - it's not that I don't think she is perfect as she is its just i want to protect her from having a deep seated insecurity like my own and the fact there is a pain free process and she will never know seems like I would be silly not to take the opportunity...

    I'm also concerned I will struggle to fit them and that I'll have to shave some of her hair image How did you find this?

    Thanks in advance!
  • My son's bottom part of the ear curls up slightly. And I'm concerned this will just get worse with him sleeping on them folded over. Would the ear buddies be suitable? Or do they only work with problems towards top of the ear?

    Also has anyone had any issues with getting doctors to supply them?
  • Hi sd2,

    I bought the kit myself - not sure doctors would supply... It is only for correcting problems with top part of the ear or sticky out ears though...

    Maybe the baby's bonnette that was mentioned earlier in this thread might help you - looks like it would protect ears from bending over when sleeping.. Assuming the ear buddies work on my daughters ears I will probably buy one when they come off at 10 weeks to protect the new position and stop them getting folded back when she sleeps.
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  • Help! I've lost one splint imageimageimage Anyone has got a pair/ an odd one that they no longer use??? It looks we need a couple of more weeks to get the ears sorted... 

  • Hello, ladies my baby girl is 7 months old and she was born with normal ears, but ever since birth I've always noticed her sleeping with her ears folded but never thought much of it, didn't think this could actually deform her ears, when she turned about 6 months i noticed her ears were starting to stick out but thought it was normal, then my mom noticed and told me a couple weeks ago,that's when I thought it was becoming serious. It is not a huge problem, but it is starting to become very noticeable and her left ear is sticking out more than the right and now I am after something that will help me. I came across the "earbuddies" but I would hate to have her ears taped for 4 months as suggested on their website and have to shave the hair where the tape goes, then I found this baby bonnette but there is no where on the site that says it could help her ears get normal again, only prevent it. If I use the bonnette every time she sleeps will it help bring her ears back to normal or only prevent it on getting worst? Please if anyone could help with this, im a fist time mom, you can imagine how desparate i am!

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  • Grandma putting in her two cents worth!  I told my son to tape his daughter's ears for the first few weeks of her life as they were sticking out when she was born and my mother (that's great-grandma!) told me that's what people used to do before all the newfangled devices were invented.  Naturally daughter-in-law thought if the advice came from mother-in-law she would do her best, as usual, to ignore it.  Today my grand-daughter - who is now 9 and beautiful in every other way - said "I hate my ears". Her mother, in her infinite wisdom, chooses to have her daughter's hair long and loose so she is forever pushing it back behind her ears - which doesn't help the problem and emphasizes her little bat ears!    I can usually resist saying "I told you so" but I did give my son the 'look'; and he said "Yes, I know, Mum - we should have done what you said and taped her ears when she was born."  Anyone who thinks sticking out ears are not a problem, especially for a pretty girl, is wrong, wrong, wrong!  

  • Just a cautionary note about Ear Buddies. The advice given by the online team was incorrect and unhelpful, and led to us incorrectly fitting the splints. This actually made my son's ears pointy. Even though the product is hugely expensive, no-one from the company would ever take a phone call from me. I now also realise that Dr. Gault (who invented the product) has nothing to do with the the company. In theory, the splints should help, but I would be very cautious about fitting them to your child.

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  • Neither my husband nor myself have ears that stick out but our son who is almost five months is starting to have the tops of them stick out. I don't know if he will grow into it but he is already receiving comments about it. They fold over a lot and I'm a freak about unfolding them. can anyone tell me if this is a life long characteristic or will they go back to what they were when he was 1-2 months? Flat haha

    imageimage4 monthsimageimage2 months

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