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i'm such a wimp!!

we always said that we would wean l/o off dummies and bottles by the age of 1 and i know from experience that it would be easier to do at that age than 2-3 coz they can shout and scream about it then! but the thought of taking his dummies away just scares me! sleepless nights and trying to distract him all day!
he's 9 months already so i've only got 3 months til he's 1... where does the time go??


  • my lo isnt that bothered about not having his dummy as heel just suck his thumb but at least you can take the dummy away!
  • is anyone else thinking of moving from bottles to sippy cups?
    think if i do things gradually it'll be less stressful e.g giving him a cup during the day and leaving dummy for nap/ sleep time x.
  • Lily is 6 months old and I've started to give her a cup with her lunch just to get her used to it. I'm also a bit worried about weaning her off the dummy- it usually falls out when she's asleep but if she wakes in the night she nods off again as soon as she has it.Dread to think what would happen without it!
  • hmmm, that is a good point about the dummies... as long as he's only having them at night then i wouldn't be too bothered x.
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