so i have finally filled out my tax credits form...

is it worth sending it off? its been sat on the table for a few months waiting for my P60 to arrive (had to go get it!) isnt it being scrapped?


  • How do you get a tax credits form? I keep meaning to sort it out xxx
  • there just freezing it chick,just means the money wont go up x
  • Yes worth it! It gets back dated as well. I think the threshold is being lowered to 40K (which means I will lose my very small amount of working tax credit) and I think its the CHB that is being frozen.
  • if you phone them they send you one out

    thanx ladies x
  • Oh you are very good. I've still not updated mine. We still owe them money though as they cocked up our payments when dd1 was first born by a few thousnd pounds!!
  • they only back date 3 months, but worth it if under 40k is earnt in your household
  • yes get it sent off!!! Thanks you reminded me that I need to send off my renewal form xx
  • definately worth it, they're lowering the threshold to 40k, but no until april, so u'll have the full amount back dated up to the last 3 months and trhu til april'11, so even if u do have moree than 40k coming in at the mo it won't make any difference, iyswim, as taht doesn't come into effect for just shy of a year yet. x
  • Really sorry to g/c but i was wondering if one of you may be able to help.

    Im new to tax credits (and yes totally send it off!) i know it goes on your income for the previous year, well what if things changed drastically this year, i.e a job is lost, will you be able to get some more help, or will you still only get the same as it goes on previous years earnings?

    Sorry just cant seem to find an answer...

    Jade xxx
  • Thanks for the help vintage rose, it does seem quite silly, i mean all help is good but when your struggling one year that should be taken into consideration as everything seems to be up and down nowadays x
  • get it posted. i sent mine away 3 weeks ago and 4 days had a lovely ??1,400 surprise in my bank account cause they had underpaid me. which has now been spent on a lovely wee car for me. i am actually still paying back a ??2,000 overpayment 2 years ago!! so its swings and roundabouts x
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