O\T - am I being irrational?

Hi ladies, I definately shouldn't be posting this here but and feeling a bit fragile, would like an honest opinion and I don't really know many of the ladies in pregnancy.

As you know I am 9 weeks pregnant with number two, my sister let the cat out of the bag fairly early so I told my parents at 6ish weeks. My mum didn't want my brother to feel left out so I had to tell him too which is where my issue is. When I told him he didn't sound very interested and I didn't think much of it but last night he phoned everyone to tell them that his wife is 12 weeks pregnant!

I am really upset that he didn't tell me she was pregnant when I told him and also that he didn't sound very interested in my pregnancy and is now ringing up for a round of applause. My brother is really competitive and I am not, there are 3 months in age between our daughters and he was horribly competitive during that pregnancy.

I just feel that he has been an arse about this when actually its wonderful news for both of us and could have been a really nice thing to have a giggle about.

How would you feel? Am I going mad?


  • Families :roll:

    I never understand why having babies is so competative is your eldest older than her cousin? its just he sounds like he wants to hog the limelight and was gutted that you announced pg first, im not justifying his behaviour i think it is totally out of order but in my experience having babies brings out this kind of behaviour.

    I know its hard but try not to let it bother you, and just enjoy your pg cld you have a word with SIL its just she might have found the competion horrible as well.

    Big hugs

  • Thanks DB, Neve is three months younger than their lo.
  • Well i think that makes it worse he had all the firsts etc, sorry not much help

  • I would say your brother is feeling a bit put out because it sounds like they wanted the limelight and you announced your preg first. It is a shame coz me and my sister were pregnant together twice (within a few months of each other) and it was great.
  • its shame your brother is being like that, as im sure it would have been lovely to share it all together xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I am aware that pregnancy has left me with the emotional capabilities of a 14 year old and I wanted to check I wasn't being a spoilt brat!

    My twin sister also has a baby who is 5 months younger than Neve (my parents got a lot of Grandchildren that year!), we had a great pregnancy together and our babies see each other every day. She very nicely pointed out that this must be hard for my brother as he lives 200 miles away and doesn't have the same closeness, so maybe I should be a bit more understanding. She is right and the main thing is that we are having more children who will have great fun playing with each other which is great!

    Sorry for waffling and thanks again.
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