feck re;holiday to centreparcs

Were due to go to Sherwood Forest Centreparcs next Monday. Our lo is 9 mths, and I've just been checking on the website to see if our villa includes towels when I noticed that the 1bedroom villas are not suitable for babies.


Feck, what do I do? I stated thast there would be an infant with us when I booked it on the net and had to give date of birth etc. I'm sure I would have seen this statement when I booked it, as I looked at the differnt types of acommodation and dates for ages.
Daren't tell my hubby-he's really looking forward to it.
Not sure whether to phone, in case they say we can't have the acommodation.

What to do???:\(


  • Does it say why they're not suitable for babies? It could be that there isn't a cot in which case you might be able to take a travel cot.
  • i would phone them as you don't want to be sorting it when you get there as you wont be able to relax. bizarrely i was looking at booking this afternoon and it does say not set up for baby in 1 bedroomed so thats what has put me off as there is a big price difference for the 2 bedroomed.
  • It says not suitable for babies due to lack of floor space for cot/travelco
    t - how could I have missed that???

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  • I've stayed at CP twice although we always had an extra room for Charlotte.

    Anyway....from what I remember the 1 bedroom woodland lodge is open plan so there is no door to the bedroom....? I don't know if this is why it's not suitable...can't think of any other reason why tbh.

    I would certainly ring them up to make sure. They do have cots in lodges but not sure about the one you are staying in. Explain the situation - they may transfer you to a 2 bedroom lodge for no extra cost?? They wont be as busy then cos the kids will be back at school.
  • Thankyou for your replies.

    We've been 3 times before but always with friends or stayed in a 2bed comfort for the cheapness.

    Will deffo phone them tomorrow and see what they say
  • Ok, we went in July to Sherwood forest but had a different villa. When we looked at the layouts I think the 1 bedroom villa's were open plan, so I think you should be able to put your travel cot somewhere near the bedroom. I would ring them and see what they say. Hopefully you will be ok. x
  • And you must go into the spa and/or have a treatment. It's lush! xx
  • SB- Totally agree about the indian, last time we went was about 2yrs ago and my hubby still talks about it !image
  • Have you phoned them? what they say?
  • Hope you got sorted out!!

    I really fancy this Centreparcs for our holiday next year!

  • hope you got it sorted? xx
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