What songs do you sing to your lo ?

I always start singing and then realise I can't actually remember the words to any songs. I ended up singing loads of christmas songs as I seemed to remember words to jingle bells no problem ! But can never remember the words lullabies etc. What do you sing to lo ? S x


  • I normally make the words up as i go along haha, try singing the songs off cbeebies xx
  • I've got a nursery rhyme cd that I play to Charlotte. Got it free last year with one of the baby mags, although tbh I don't know all the words to some of them. It's really good to play to her though. I'm sure someone will sell one similar.
    She prefers to bop along to music! And she's just started to really enjoy me reading to her (she's 1). I don't think it matters what you sing/read to them as long as you are interacting with them.
    Bet your neighbours will think you are mad singing Jingle Bells in the middle of summer - lol!!!!!!
  • Tyler loves row row row your boat and twinkle star!
  • row row row your boat or incey wincey spider. we do the actions its fun! oh and the iggle piggle song never fails to get a smile!
  • Mine love Three little men (changed to girls for mine) in a flying saucer, dingle dangle scarecrow, or horsey horsey don't you stop, hocky cocky, teddy bears tea party, head and shoulders, knees and toes, the grand old duke of york, london bridge, row row your boat, galumph went the little green frog, old mac donald had a farm, five little ducks, ring a rosey, gosh I could go on and on

    I am exceptionally lame I can't believe how many of these we do each day, it's the only way Nym will let me change her nappy...
  • LMAO Katie, Oscar loves Macho Man 'Macho macho man, i wanna be a macho man!' i make his amrs to strong man poses and wiggle him about he loves it :lol:

    We go to a baby music group once a week and sing all the nursery rhymes and some other songs, but i have a terrible memory and can never remember them so i usually just end up making up rubbish or singing him pop songs, i don't think they're fussy they just like to watch us look like loonies x
  • i can never think of songs, but the ones i do know and sing to him to get him to sleep is father and son bu takethat lol xx
  • I can't belive I didn't admit it until you admitted macho man, but I have been seen dancing and singing the Time Warp or Blame it on The Boogie to Archie. Who needs nursery rhymes ??
    Actually there is a music gourp for babies near me, I might call and ask about it. S x
  • Gabe loves Pat a cake. He has just started clapping his hands when I sing it and clap (albeit at all the wrong times!).
    Also that song "3 little speckled frogs" or whatever it's called...he laughs when you say "GLUB GLUB" at the end lol
  • I do as many nursery rhymes as I can remember, but I do tend to forget the words. Or I just make up silly words about what we're doing, so I sing about changing nappies or cooking! And I've also got a couple of children's song CDs which I put on sometimes when I haven't got the energy to sing.
  • My three have a thing for the oldies there fav is que sera sera
  • I sing anything that comes into my head. I tend to know all the words to songs from musicals so there's a lot of things like Doh a dear, getting to know you etc.
  • i got few nursery ryme books and a lullaby cd from whs for ??5 last week as i hardly remember the words to anything but there grate especially the cd means i can leave it on whilkst i carry on with things then once she asleep just turn it off x
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