Calpol - how to get Baby to take it?


I think Adam might be teething (he keeps pulling off his bottle and screaming, so I am thinking maybe sore gums? I have posted about this too)

However, if I try to give him calpol he just clamps his little mouth sht and refuses to take it! I have tried both spoon and syringe and am not having any joy. Even if I do manage to distract him for a minute and get him to open his mouth, he just spits out the little I get in.

Does anyone have any magic tips??



  • if u think its his teeth/gums then perhaps bongela/calgel or teething powders would be better as he doesn't need to swallow that and u only need a tiny bit on their gums x
  • Will he take a dummy? I find I can get Hugo to take almost any foul tasting medicine with the use of a medicine dummy (you can get them at mothercare and also
  • It was a nurse who gave Tobes his first dose of calpol. He had had his jabs in the morning and was at the hospital for a routine appointment later that day when he suddenly went nuts. They said it was a reaction to the jabs and he'd be fine after a dose of paracetamol.

    Her tip... and even at 1yr it still works on him!

    Get the syringe (don't even try a spoon until he's much much older!!!) and when you get it in, push it to the back of one of his cheeks / corner of his mouth. She said when it hits that part of their mouth, they have no choice but to swallow it! Def. works for us and Tobes!

    Good luck and hope he feels better soon xxx
  • we use nurofen for kids as william will not have calpol
  • I've only twice given LO calpol. First time she took it without a fuss, and I think it's because she was due a feed so was hungry whereas when I tried again later in the day she wasn't due food and refused to let me get the spoon in.
    You could try giving it when he's coming up hungry?
  • jack has always hated calpol i cant get it in him in any way shape or form. Iam a nurse and have tryed every trick in the book!

    We changed over to nurofen for kids as its clear and u only need 2.5mls so a lot less to deal with, but jack just took it off the spoon so i think its a taste thing.

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