Going to a disco with lo...

OK I am going to sound like terrible mummy of the year here but Gabe went to a disco (a 70th birthday party) when he was 8 DAYS old!

He went out to the bar with us regularly when he was 5 months old and we went to malta on holiday.

Then at 6 months we went to a wedding reception and that had a loud disco.

I never used cotton wool in his ears but I found that he sleeps brilliantly through very loud music and all the times we have been he has slept all night!!! I could prob go clubbing with him and he wouldn't notice (not that i would!)



  • My lo fell asleep through his first panto at Christmas! All the singing, dancing and clapping etc-still have no idea how!
    I'd worried and forked out for ear defenders which where the only thing about the panto that made him cry!! Sure you'll all have a grand time!x
  • I took my little man to my friend wedding when he was 4 weeks old and asked my HV the same question and she advised me to put some cotton wool in his ears to protect him.
    Have a nice time.
    Lucie xx
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