weaning...a bit confused

just started weaning zakareya on some baby rice (hv recommendation as he isn't 6 months yet) but am a bit confused as when to give it. they say give a full milk feed first and then offer the rice. but surely if he is practically full on milk he won't have much. he had about half a spoon yesterday after his morning feed and a bit more today at the same time. am i doing right?


  • Think the idea of giving the full milk feed before the baby rice is definitely to fill him up as much as possible before offering the rice. The baby rice is only really to get him used to the texture of solids in the early days. So him taking only a teaspoon is fine. Perhaps in a few days offer half the milk feed then the rice then finish off with the rest of the milk.
    Hope that helps, Liz
  • Try giving him half the bottle, then a bit of rice, then the remainder of the bottle to see what happens.

    Follow his lead with how much to give him. Then when he's on quite a few spoons you can start to give him some veg purees and it can become his lunch/tea (depending on when he has it - i started it as lunch so lo had more time to digest). The he can have milk feed & meal separately if you need to. Weaning is a minefield but once you get the hang of it it becomes easier!
  • thank-you. i'll continue for a week or till he gets used to it and then stop his feed halfway through...if he lets me!
  • Hiya, Just to say I always gave my son his first food halfway between milk feeds in the afternoon. so he was having a feed at say 1pm and I'd give him some baby rice and a little drink of water and then his usual feed at 4.30-5ish. He refused it if there was a bottle of milk involved! this also got him used to having water to drink with food. Hope that helps?!
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