night time nappy??

can anyone recommend a good night time disposable nappy? I use tesco's superfit but by 4am Maiya is wet through to her grobag most mornings.

any suggestions?




  • i use the asda little angles ones, i found that with justin and maya the pampers ones would leave through during the night and the huggies just never fitted right in the first place but so far iv not had any problems with the asda ones
  • Huggies superdry are good for a heavy wetter. They seem to hold a lot. Also it might be worth moving up a size even if lo isn't in the weight range, this definitely helped. Gabe is weaned now and doesn't wee as much so we use any kind of nappies now whatevers on offer but mainly boots own xx
  • i'm using huggies at the moment and they're fine I tried tescos ones but they leaked a few times.
  • We use Pampers Baby Dry overnight, have had to since about 13 weeks as she is such a heavy wetter that nothing else can stand it! Pampers were the only ones I could find in size 2, all the others seem to start from size 3 but she's still too small to be in 3's yet.
  • pampers baby dry is the only nappy i have found that keeps everything in overnight...they don't in the day cuz he's a little wriggler but at night they are amazing, i havent found any other nappy thats good for him overnight and i've tried them all except boots and tesco! :lol: x
  • Hi maybe you should try going up a size?even if just for the nighttime nappies!
    Ben has used Pampers,Huggies and Tescos own and tbh i dont see any difference with any!
    He had a period of being wet in the mornings but when i put him up a size he was fine!
    I personally prefer Tesco
  • Like the other ladies have said, it may be worth trying different sizes.
    I swear by Pampers Baby Dry,never had a leak from them ever. They do smell weird when they're wet though! I use Morrisons own during the day.
  • thanks for the replies. have bought a pack of pampers super dry in a larger size and will give them a go tonight image
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