10 weeks old and not feeding properly - sorry this is long!

Hi all,

I am having trouble getting Macey to take her bottles, she is 10 weeks old and weighs 11lb 14ozs.

On a good day she will have between 12-18ozs which is not enough,
She seems like she wants it but screams when i try to put the bottle in her mouth, she will eventually calm down and take approx 2ozs and that will be it.
Now and again she will have the full bottle 4 ozs but that is not very often.
She was crying a lot so the doctor changed her milk to nutamigen (lactose free) but she still havent improved on the amount she has. She no longer cries for hours on end so the milk has made a difference with that but she still wont have the amount she is supposed to be having.

I have taken her to the doctors but she says she appears to be fit and well.
I also took her to the HV today and in 3 weeks she have only put on 7ozs. She seems to be putting weight on very slowly so they do not seem to be bothered.

I am desperate now on how i can get her to take her bottles without a battle, i dread it when it comes to feeding time and will try anything.

I have tried dr brown bottles with the level 2 teats and I have just bought the tommee tippee bottles to try to see if they are any better.

I am thinking about changing her milk again as the nutamigen tastes and smells foul so i am wondering whether she dont like the taste.
She was having trouble digesting the aptamil which was causing her to cry so can anyone suggest a milk that may be better?

I am at my wits end so any advice would be greatly appeciated.




  • Hiya
    I was using colief before her milk was changed to nutamigen, the doctor advised me not to use it with the new milk as the colief breaks down the lactose in the milk but nutamigen is lactose free so no need to use it.

    I am using the Dr Browns level 2 teats (from 3 months)
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