Lo brought up what looked like bile?

Hi girls

For the first time today my lo brought up a clear liquidy type thing, it smelled really bitter, not at all milky, i would say it was bile like, has anyone esles los had this, any advice??

Lyns x

lo is 10 weeks and 1 day


  • Yeah Gabe's had this, he was fine though. He did have reflux, does your lo have it? xxx
  • jayden had this when he was younger a few times actally, he also had reflux- dont know if thats anything to do with it? xx
  • He hasnt been diagnosed with reflux but tis been on my mind because ive seen him look as if hes brinign up acid he smacks his lips a couple of times pulls a face then goes back to normal, does this sound liek reflux?? what do you do for it x
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