finger food: when and how to introduce it?

My little boy is six and half months now and I have been weaning him since 17 weeks. He has a wide range of purees now and is loving food.

My question is now how do I move up a stage? I have tried introducing lumpier foods but he screws up his face in horror: Lumpier spag bol and also scrambled egg. Also I want to start giving him some finger foods but I am terrified he will choke!!

Any suggestions gratefully received as i'm sure he can't live on purees forever!


  • have you tried steaming veg like broccoli and giving it him to hold?
  • we also weaned early, we introduced finger food by just putting different things on his plate to try after his meal, so if he didnt want it or chucked it on the floor, which is were most of it went at first it didnt matter, we started offering just before 6 months and by months was eating most of it,

    we started with things like raw carrot sticks, celery, apple, then started with things like toast and bread, strips of chicken and cooked veg,
  • My HV suggested putting soft things in front of them and see which ones they grabbed, like a chunk of banana, a strawberry, chunk of buttered bread, chunk of cheese etc
  • My daughter was 6 months last week. I started weaning her when she was 5 months and she has been on puree food since then. On the weekend I thought I would try her with some finger food so I gave her some banana. Sh picked it up straight away and put it in her mouth but was struggling a bit with the lumps as it came away, it also made me a bit nervous watching her. Anyway, that day in Asda I saw a baby mesh feeder (type it in google and there are a lot different ones). Today I put some banana in the mesh feeder and she managed to eat most of it. Basically small bits of banana were coming away when she was biting on the mesh feeder and she loved it.

    I am going to use the mesh feeder with different finger foods for a couple more weeks before I try her again.
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