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crawling at last!

At the weekend Charlotte finally started to crawl at 8 and half months old.

She's been wanting to for ages and driving us mad (and herself) with frustration so we're all very happy she can now do it.

She's doing a commando crawl, almost dragging her bottom half along, altho she does move her legs at times so maybe not long until proper crawling......?

To tempt her to crawl towards something we use a paper or mag as she likes paper at the moment - trouble is she likes to try & eat it too! I suppose we'll be buying stairgates in the next few weeks too.

I'm really happy now she's crawling. I was thinking she would never do it. But then again I thought that about her getting teeth/sitting up/eating etc!!

She seems to be really growing now and soon wont be our little baby :cry:


  • Many congrats on crawling!! They really aren't babies for long are they? i find myself wishing her little life away willing her to the next stage..Its hard work sometimes but wouldn't change it for a minute x x
  • Congratulations, time to start baby proofing everything then!
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