An update on us

Not really posted on here lately, not sure what to say and been so busy with one thing and another.

Luke is 12 weeks old tomorrow its flown by and is growing fast now, still bf, Luke still has been waking up 2-3 times in the night but now I fed him later and for about 90 mins and for the last 2 nights he has woke up about 2pm the once and then after 6 which is better than it was, I am still going to bed about 7.30 and feeding him then. I ama just so tired just like Coco.

I am doing ok I suppose now taking tablets for ocd but apparently they take weeks to kick in, had my first councilling session at home yesterday that was mainly just aan introduction for a fuller picture. Got my first proper session on the 4th Dec which I am dreading. Hubby is still being horrible, I don't know him anymore, he is not the man I thought he was I don't know him anymore. He wanted to come and see Luke first time in 3 weeks but because mum and dad will be here he is not coming, which suits me fine as I have baby clinic to go to anyway.

I tock this cute picture a few weeks back in the kitchen bowl, Dad says he looks like dr spok!

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  • Aww lovely pic like how his modesty covered by sponge lol xx
  • Wow that 12 weeks has flown by, what a lovely picture of your little man. So sorry to hear about your hubby, do you best to rise above it and concentrate on the two of you. Best of luck with the OCD meds and counselling, your doing a wonderful job xx
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