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Expressed Breast Milk (also in b/f)

I am expressing milk during the day for evening/night feeds. I was told by my health visitor that I can express milk and keep it in the fridge in a bottle - and then add to it each time I express (as long as it is used within 48 hours). If I have 2oz in a bottle, but ds only drinks 1oz - can I put the remaining oz back in the fridge and then use it at his next feed?


  • NO - definitely not unfortunately cos the bacteria from their mouth mix with the milk and cause nasties - offer a little at a time you can always then add more rather than wasting the precious boobie milk :lol:
  • you cant reheat any milk. why do you express milk for night feeds? you have more milk at night than the rest of the day, also it tastes sweeter and baby prefers it.
    and also way easer to whip boob out and feed than get up and warm up the milk, you will find baby will settle really quickley if you feed straight away at night rather than taking time to warm a bottle
  • Hello hon, I remember you from the others have said, no you can't re-use it in that way. Presumably you're expressing for the night feeds so your partner can help so you can have a break. Good plan, wish I could but never really got on very well with expressing! x
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