really struggling

Hi Ladies

I dont expect any responses, I just need to get it all out.

Tyler is 7.5 months old and has never been a good sleeper, but he had started to sleep through which was amazing. Then, last week it all went wrong. He learnt to crawl, has a cold and started nursery all within one week. Since then he wakes once a night which I could sort of cope with, but now i'm back in work.
Last night he went to bed at 7, then was awake at 10 until 11, then up again at 2.45 until 4.30 and up for the day at 6. Each time he wasn't crying just talking, babbling to himself which then descends into louder and louder until he cries. When I go into see him he's either sat upp straight just smiling, or trying to crawl in his gro bag. He just wont settle, its as if he isn't tired. He is also a nightmare eater and will only take a few teaspoons at a time. In nursery he will eat quite well.

I'm a terrible mum, I had 4 hours sleep last night and was a zombie in work. I love my son to bits but feel as if we're floundering and no idea what we're doing. I also have PND which means i get good and bad days, the lack of sleep and a stinking cold just make it all worse.

Just needed to vent.


  • Sarah your not a terrible mum, Tyler is brilliant and proof you are doing an amazing job!

    I dont have any advice but im sending you a virtual hug!

  • you care about your son so much- you are a brilliant mum. have a talk to your hv about how you are feeling, rightly so talking and getting it off your chest will help kae you feel better.
    dont worry about being a zombie at work, they will understand. im sure your son will settle again soon xx
  • Poor you Sarah - sounds like you are having such a tough week. I can't give any advice as my LO is onlu 3 months but, like dylansmummy, I'm sending a virtual hug your way XXXX
  • Don't despair Sarah. I went back to work a couple of months ago and it suddenly feels like you're holding down 2 jobs doesn't it? It's tough. Anyway my daughter has always been a good sleeper, slept through from 4 months. However when she started crawling and pulling herself up at 9 months, we had a month of hellish bedtimes! It was as if she was practising her new skills, sometimes she'd even pull herself up in her sleep ... scary stuff! However after about a month she went back into her old routine.

    Hoping that this is just a little blip for you too and that your baba goes back to sleeping through again soon x
  • Sarah, you are not a terrible mother you are fantastic. Tyler had a lot to cope with last week with all these new things happening, when Olivia started crawling she would have got up and still does sometimes in the middle of the night wanting to crawl and play in her cot and then crying because we were not paying her attention, I have no advice i'm afraid but I can tell you it does pass xxx
  • Hi Ladies

    Thank you for your responses, last night was slightly better in the fact that he went down at 7 and then woke at 5am. Although he was zonked from nursery. I went to bed to 8 last night to try and get some sleep, but next door drilling kind of put a stop to that !! I am trying to get him to sleep abit later (15 mins a night) to see if he will sleep longer in the morning.

  • thats really good sarah - a good stretch - bl**dy neighbours though!

    How are you coping with work? and how is tyler at Nursery?

    Love to you both x

    ps you are so not a bad mummy - you desreve and medal for the first 12 weeks - you need to give yourself a break as Tyler clearly loves you and you him - surely that is all that matters x
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