Beauty treats?

Does anyone on here still treat themselves once in a while to any beauty treatments/ Or have you given those up now you are a mummy?

I had my eyebrows threaded today, and hopefully I will always be able to get that done as it only costs ??8 a time. The other week I had a ??25 pedicure too, but the last time I had anything like that done was when I was about 7 1/2 months PG. My DD is now a year on Friday!

I don't have my hair done that often. Before having Haiden I had trims and highlights every couple of months, but I just can't justify that expense now, much as I loved my highlights! xx


  • Yeah I still do but when I work 4 days a week I think why not treat myself and my hubby wants me to be a yummy mummy not a frumpy mummy!!
    I have my hair cut every 6 weeks and a highlights every two months. I have my eyebrows waxed, but would like to try threading actually!!
    and I sometimes treat myself to a manicure or pedicure

    My friend is my hairdresser tho and she only charges me ??10 for cut and ??20 for colour and cut so I can't complain
  • I have my eyebrows threaded!!!! It's sooo quick and no redness!!!

    There's noway I can stop my beauty treatments!!

    Sarah 31+4
  • I've just booked myself a hair cut for a restyle on Thurs...but that's only because I got birthday money this weekend! Without that I couldn't justify spending nearly ??50 on my hair on mat pay. I also always ask for some vouchers for a local spa for my birthday/Christmas so I can get facials done.
    I usually get my legs waxed there too...but have just bought a home wax kit for next time as I can't afford the ??19 a time...I'm a bit scared to try though to be honest think it's gonna hurt a lot when I do it!!
  • Well I am actually a beauty therapist but work in a hair & beauty college. So I do have treatments fairly regularly although the last few has been doing it on myself!! :lol:
    I am looking forward to getting my hair highlighted though, it desperately needs sorted!!
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