Buzz question

Any one else have the Buzz 3? I'm not sure if it's just my one but I'm finding
it really rickety, it was new when I bought it but it seems all loose! I never
noticed it so much when it was in pram mode but today I put the seat on and
I'm not impressed at all! Anyone else having trouble I just want to know before I
contact Quinny. Thanks x

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  • Hey!

    I've got a buzz 3 and my lo is 6 months old, never had a problem with it, i'd contact quinny. Ours does squeak a lot though, like it needs a good oiling but it still feels sturdy and not rickety at all.
    Sorry if this isnt the news you were after!
    How long have you had yours?
  • We have the Buzz 3 and it isn't rickerty at all. I would deff contact them as it doesn't sound right.

    Good luck!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • I'v only used it for 4 months now but had it for about 6 months, tha seat unit wobbles badly and the handle is very loose! I'l contact them tomorrow. Should I contact the supplier or quinny? X
  • I would contact supplier and let them deal with it xxx
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