changing nappies when do you.....

change your babies nappy before or after she has feed.
atm i am changing my lil girl before she has a feed but by the time she has finished she has filled it again or not that long after and always feel i have to change it again the thing is if i do it after her feed then i have to wake her up again as she goes to sleep whilst feeding..

loren x x


  • I do it mid feed. shes not a very good feeder so dozes off midway through her bottle. Midwife suggested changing her to wake her up so she will finish the feed.
  • lol lea pea i have exact same problem
    also have same problem with lil falling asleep then she wonts to feed again not long after going back to sleep so i think from now on ill change her half way through to wake her up and see if i get results

    thanks for advice girls x x
  • i always change before because when he had his bottle/breast he would fall asleep so didn't want to get him all cosy and settled then wake him up again by changing his nappy!

  • Before as she won't latch if she is dirty/wet - proper little madam we have :lol: We do usually end up changing at the end as well. This week my aim is to get into using my cloth nappies as were keeping Huggies in business atm!!
  • I change before, because my lo has reflux & I didn't like laying him flat after a bottle as he'd be sick - of course he if does poo then I change it, but usually he only does 1 poo a day now he is older xx
  • We do it mid feed or after......mid feed as he can doze off a bit depending on how much wake time he's had compared to sleep b4 bottle. After is usually only if he's very wet or has poo'd.
  • i always do it after or sometimes inbetween if he falls asleep, that way i know he's going to sleep nice and dry and he tends to poo in the middle of his late morning feed so there'd be no point in changing him before x
  • usually after a feed, if she falls asleep then it will be after she wakes up, though to be honest i've never realy thought about it, just change her when needed! lol

    when she was younger she would often poo during a feed.
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