BMW and Mamas and Papas pram

Hi, I'm g/c from pregnancy but just wondered whether any mummies could help! My hubby is getting me a car through his work (he works for BMW) for when our baby arrives because at the moment I have a company car. He's planning on ordering a BMW 1 Series hatch back but we've bought a Mamas and Papas travel system (Pliko Pramette) and a guy at his work has said he doesn't think we'll get the pram into the boot. Hubby thinks the boot is a reasonable size though and that it should fit. He needs to order the car asap to make sure we get it in time so I just wondered if by any chance anyone has both a 1 Series and a Pliko Pramette?!? Any feedback would be great.


  • Take the pram into the dealership and give it a go image
  • We would do but we're not picking the pram up until a month before the baby's due and hubby needs to order the car next week!! If nobody has any experience of this car with the same pram then hubby's going to try and borrow a car from work for us to take to Mamas and Papas. Never thought it would be so complicated!!!! xx
  • My best friend has just gone to a Peugeot 307 after her 3 series was written off by her OH and she has the Pliko Pramette. I have just looked on the Parkers guide and the 307 has 341 litres of boot space and the 1 series has 330 so depending on the shape of the boot i think you would be fine.

    We looked at a 1 series and our pram fit and its huuuuuuge.

  • We have just bought the pliko pramette to take on holiday with us and we have a BMW 1 series, it does fit in the boot but it's a bit of a squeeze width ways but it's not exactly roomy! There is however loads of depth left for shopping and baby bag etc, great car by the way! image
  • I don't have a BMW but have the pliko. We have a vw polo & ours fits, just. I need to have it at an angle & has to take parcel shelf out. But there is still enough room to put shopping in around it.

    Hope this gives u an idea.

    Jayne xx
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies, we're going to go for it based on the feedback! xx
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