ashton and parsons?

Hi girls!
We usually use nelsons but the shop didnt have any so i need to ask some Q's about ashton and parsons. Does it have the same numbing effect of nelsons?
can you use it with calpol/nurofen?
how long does the relief last? (roughly)
Is it any good?

I miss my nelsons!
Any answers would be fab!
thanks girlies! xxx


  • I have used the ashtons and parsons and my lo LOVED the taste!! Yes I thought they were really good have never tried the Nelsons so can't compare. I did give calpol at the same time coz it is a herbal remedy.
  • Same as KThom! Never used Nelsons but Gracie loves A&Ps, licks her lips and calms down from shoving everything in her mouth. I use it with calpol. I gave her two today, one at 11am and one at bed and they seemed to last a while.
    She's not had a runny sore bum either whilst teething, so they must be doing what they say!
  • yeah we love them too as soon as fin see's the box he opens his mouth!!!
  • i have never used either.. have some a & p in the cupboard. we ususally use the holland and barret teething tablets they are fab.. just disolve in the mouth.. brooke opens her mouth when she sees the pot.. she also likes using them as a maracca!!! x
  • thanks guys! xxx
  • a&p is very good. I ever stuck some on my tongue once and it numbed straight away! And because its a herbal remedy you can use it as often as you want and with calpol. x
  • I put some in my mouth too, nice and numbing! And yes, I use it with calpol/calprofen for lo's teething, it's great and she loves it.
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