FAO anyone whos little one is on hungry baby milk


Im just wondering at what age you put your little ones on hungry baby milk??



  • You can put them on hungry baby milk at any age. Generally it is used when babies are not satisfied with regular formula and are not yet ready for weaning.

    The diference is that stage 1 formula is made using the milk protein whey shich is quickly digested whereas the hungry milk is made using casein milk protein which is harder to digest.

    Babies are more likely to be constipated on hungry baby milk.

    My 12 week old is mainly breastfed but has the odd hungry baby milk at night time. He struggles a bit to digest it if he has it all day. He first had hungry milk at around 2 weeks as he has always been a hungry boy.

    Hope this helps!
  • I asked the Cow and Gate helpline about hungry baby milk and they said that a hungry baby is one that feeds every 2 hours or less and always drains the bottle. My LO is 10 weeks has been feeding every 2.5 hours and has started waking again in the night so they suggested just replacing the last bottle of the day with hungry baby - last night was the 2nd night with this regime and she slept from 10pm to 6.30am! So that's not bad!! She has normal stage 1 during the day which I guess will help stop her getting constipated.

    I feed C&G anyway but I have to say they were really helpful and offered genuine advice rather than just trying to sell their products. Hope that helps.
  • it can be used from birth - i put tyler on it from about 15 weeks - his poos have been runnier and he goes about 3 times a day!!xx xx
  • Thanks for your help x
  • Gabe was on SMA white at 5 weeks old and it made him very constipated but cos he wasnt straining or seemed in pain I thought it was normal that his poos were hard but at about 3 months it started to cause him pain so I swapped to C&G hungry baby and it was great. I wouldnt use SMA white! xx
  • Zacky has been on hungry baby milk (SMA White) since he was about 6 weeks old. HV recomended it as he suddenly went from having a bottle every 3-4 hrs to every 1-2 hours (5oz bottles). SHe also said that most parents start using this formula from birth??? (she says alot of what i consider to be strange things). Zacky has had constipation on the rare occasions, but generally has not had any problems. Even though he now has 2 quite large meals a day he can still polish off 4-5 8oz bottles a day. Always said that he needed extra extra hungry baby food LOL.
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