Moses basket advice

Hi all,

I am after some moses basket advice, my Mum would like to buy us one for when our baby comes in December.

Just wondering if you used a moses basket and if so, did your baby sleep in it during the daytime and at night?? Hubs is convinced they shouldn't sleep in it day and night time, so please help me settle this argument!

Thank you in advance,

MrsH xx


  • We went shopping for a Moses basket but ended up getting a soft crib Engines-_-Google Base-_---_-Saplings Katie Crib Foam Mattress
    Which I love love love! Ds is 11 weeks now an quite a long baby and still fits in it well. He sleeps in it all night and is now having all his daytime naps when we're home in it too.
    We only got it as got a reduction for it being the display one at the baby show but it's got more room than Moses basket, as the sides are soft he doesn't wake himself up bashing against the edge and it's still light enough to be easily portable downstairs. Sorry gone a but off tangent but I think it's great. But yes day and night (although for the first couple months most daytime naps were on someone or in the bouncy chair as wouldn't settle anywhere else)
  • Thank you for replying hun, what a beautiful little crib!
    Will definitely consider that too image

  • We had our lo in moses basket day 7 night. Downstairs by the window where it was nice & bright during day with the noise at night in our room nice & quiet & dark. Was never confused by day & night, in fact she's only 16 weeks but only has cat naps during day & sleeps all night so defo not confused by the 2 despite being in moses basket at beginning lol. Just to add if I had my time again I'd go for a crib as lo was in her cot in own room at 9 weeks cause she had outgrown her moses basket, we now just use her rocker for naps during the day.

    Jayne xx
  • We used a moses basket for our LO but kept it for night-time only (used the pram during the day). Unfortunately we had to move him out of it at 8 weeks, as his head and feet were touching opposite ends and he had nowhere to move his arms. If there is a next time I think I'd use it for less time, maybe first month only - as I realised he didn't have enough room, which probably caused unnecessary sleepless nights. HTH xx
  • I absolutely loved having LO in a Moses basket and kept him in it as long as possible! He slept in it day and night - for the first few weeks I brought him downstairs during the day to help him learn day from night.

    After a while I started putting him in his cot for daytime naps but still kept him in the basket for at least four and a half months - he never slept through so I really appreciated being able to have him in our room, next to the bed so that I could easily settle or feed him without even getting out of bed.

    I got mine from John Lewis which was ??29:
    I also highly recommend a stand that rocks - we got this one (also from John Lewis) which has rails at the top and bottom so you can easily rock it with a finger while lying in bed or with your foot as you sit on the sofa! Spot the lazy mummy image We got this one:

    As for your argument with your OH - I have never heard that they can't sleep in baskets at night and can't think of any reason why this would be. To the contrary, the whole point is that they are small enough to fit in the parents' bedroom even if it's small. We did however splash out on a flash mattress which was probably unecessary.

    Good luck!
    C image
  • Hi Hun

    My nphew was in moses basket both day & night.

    We are getting a moses basket off of my friend to have downstairs in the day time but are buying a crib for our room as there bigger so will last longer. Then bubs can go in cotbed when older.

    There are some good prices for cribs at the moment in the sales so we'll have one of both. xxx
  • My lo was in his moses basket day and night but just made sure he napped in day light and at night it was dark and quiet and he's never had a problem telling which was which, in fact he slept through since 6 weeks old no problem. I would tend to go with the soft crib that kayssis mentioned though if it has more room as my lo outgrwe his moses basket pretty early too.

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