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hi girls
Just wondering who has tried the variosu own brand nappies?

We were in tesco's and they give you free nappies in the baby change (I was so shocked!) and I couldnt' believe how much like pampers they were, it was identical apart from the picture on the front!.

Now we don't get on with pampers but if I did I would certainly be switching to Tesco's.

Has anyone used any that are like Huggies? I still have a large stock of Huggies as I went a bit mad before I gave birth but would like to look into own brand for the future.



  • We use reusables unless we go overnight to visit people, so I don't have extensive use of disposables but here goes...

    I used Boots own brand ones, I'm not sure how like Huggies they were, but Jak got on with them really well. We hated the size 1 Pampers we had, and so bought some Huggies size 1s, they were so much better. I got the Boots ones around Christmas time to take away when we went visiting relatives, and they were just as good as the Huggies at keeping everything in and fitting Jak. x x x

    PS: Sorry if that doesn't make much sense, I'm a little wobbly today! x x x
  • Thanks Emily, that's good to know especially as you didn't get on with Pampers either. I may go get a cheap pack.xx
  • tried pretty much all of them

    boots - crap

    tesco - not bad

    asda crap

    huggies - crap

    pampers - love them!

    Though we dont get many poos and only one explosive poo in 15 weeks. Price wise - i really dont think there is a difference with all the offers on unless you go for the value brand which i think are all crap!
  • Thanks ladies
    I did think it seems there is always a deal on branded ones.
    I'll def try and get a few small packs.xx
  • We tried tescos nappies after a recommendation and ended up throwing them out.
    They felt stiff and hard, and we found that they leaked a lot. I might give Asda a try though after reading this x
  • Same as Ellie with the Tesco ones. Absolutely hated them. It's the only time we had leaking poos and after only wearing them for about an hour she would feel wet already.

    Tried Boots too and didn't like them either. Now we use Pampers Baby Dry during the day and Huggies Super Dry at night and think they are fab.

    When we see special offers we will bulk by a load.

  • When Livvy was newborn I tried Tescos but was not that keen as with sainsburys newborn, I used Huggies until she started going trough the night then she was always wet when I got her up so I moved onto tescos bigger size ones(it was the newborn tesco and sainbuyrs nappies that were rubbish) and found them fine and I also use sainsbuys which are also good(size 4 now as she is 13 months) and I have just got a pack of pampers active fit as I had a voucher so will see what they are like!! I often brought pampers simply dry as they are cheap but you can really smell her urine image

    Gem x
  • I like Sainsburys own, but I'm a Pampers fan! I don't like Huggies, they don't seem to fit my little boy very well, but I've found Asda's quite similar to Huggies so might be worth a try if you're a Huggies fan. Tesco's own were good but bulky, and Boots wants didn't seem to me to draw the wee away - they felt wet all the time.
  • I've used Asda's Little Angels for ages and they've never let us down and don't smell like some nappies do. I use the Active Fit and the Baby Dry, which are exactly like Pampers night time ones. x
  • I mainly use reusables but when I go out I use disposables. I tried Tesco's and liked them but as I shop in sainsburys I now get there ones and I really like them and they are so much cheaper than branded ones.

  • I love the tesc'os ones (she wears size 4), they the only ones that keep her dry through the night. Pampers are good, but the newborn ones were not so good.Huggies I hated, just seemed to leak like mad !! Plus she always felt wet in them and smelt of wee.
  • sainsburys eco ones are great and ECO!

    Em x
  • Just wanted to say Asda ones are awful! Tried once and ran straight back to Pampers, never again x
  • Thats interesting because when I hd my first I used Pampers and they leaked, when I switched to Tesco purple pack they were superb.

    Sam (40 Weeks today!) xx
  • asda's little angels all the way!!!!!!!! they are fab!!
  • We always use own brands unless pampers or huggies are on offer in the baby events, so a decent offer rather than the rubbish '2 tiny packs for ??10' offers. Usually use Asda's or sainsburys nappies because that's where we shop- mostly Asda. But of all the own brand nappies I think morrisons are most like Huggies and really good value too. However I find other Morrisons products really expensive and prefer to do a big shop at Asda and get it all done there. To be honest I don't think there's anything between most nappies - if money wasn't an object I do vaguely prefer Pampers xx
  • I think different ones suit different babies so it is trial & error.
    We found Pampers rubbish but liked Huggies. We've now switched to Asda's little angels (as our Huggies money off vouchers have run out) and they're fab. We did try Morrisons & Sainsburys own but found them really stiff and bulky.

    Shell xx
  • we've found different brands good at different stages....Asda and Pampers were great when he was tiny, then we went to Pampers Active Fit and Tescos and now we use Sainsburys and Huggies! The only nappy that keeps him dry overnight is Huggies Super Dry x
  • I thinkTescoSuper Dry are very good and still use them and she is 2. From this week on it will only be at nighttime. I have started using them a year ago or so and changed from Pampers as they started leaking overnight. I also thought there was a strong smell of urine from the Pampers one. I also tried Huggies before Tesco and hated them. Kara was a prem baby so used Boots own as they done prem nappies. I found these very good at the time and the only reason I changed to Pampers was because they were on special offer at the time. If they hadn't of been on offer I would have stayed with Boots own brand. I think it is a personal choice though.
  • We use Asda ones think they are great and brill value for money.
    Tesco-good not as soft as Asda
    Pampers my 3rd choice with Lexie as they fitted better than huggies
    Huggies my 3rd choice with Leah as they fitted her better than pampers
    Not much help im afraid i think its trial and error with each baby i will say pampers always gave both mine a rash after a couple of days but have never had a problem with asda ones.
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