Mastitis (i feel so bad)

Hi Mums and Babies,

I posted a topic on bf forum this morning and as the day developed i've got symptoms of mastitis, i rang the doctors to get an appointment but they said they are all taken up this week, i just wanted some advice on what to do and how to keep bf. Anyway my nana and grandad have been up this afternoon and as much as i love them my nana is a bit of a handful, anyway thats going off the point. Evie has done really well with the bf and we've had no problems and i know it sounds pathetic but i feel like i've let her down and feel like a bad mummy, i know i'm not but after my nana ripping into me and this i feel a bit down, can't wait for hubby to get home.

Sorry for long post
Alex & Evie xxx


  • Don't feel like a bad mummy!! Mastitius is just an unfortunate thing that can be resolved! I've had blocked ducts a couple of times - I thought it could be mastitus but found tiny white dots on the end of my nipples - I scratched them off and expressed to clear it out!

    You can take ibrobrofin to reduce the inlamation that is causing the pain.

    You could phone docs again to se if they have any emergency appointments - this couts as an emergency in my opinion as it's effecting your lo feeding.

  • Awwh hun, mastitis sucks! I had it twice when I was feeding Millie. You need to see a doctor hun, phone them in the morning and tell them it is an emergancy and you need to see someone urgently. It will sometimes clear up on its own but you may need antibiotics and the sooner you start them the better. In the mean time, drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol for the pain. It is really important that you keep feeding lo from that side, or if that is to painful then express. You need to keep emptying your breast completely, massaging the lumpy bit while feeding can help to clear the blockage. You haven't let Evie down at all, as far as she's concerned mastitis makes no difference to her feeds! It just makes things painful for you, she probably hasn't noticed anything different. You can definitely carry on feeding, I had mastitis twice before Millie was 6 weeks and I fed her untill she was 10 months.
    Big hugs
    Kerry xx
  • I was engorged in hospital and the pain from that was unbelievable - several hot moments where I thought I was going to end up on the floor whilst expressing so I hope I never get Mastitis! As the others have said you need to get to the doctors asap, in the meantime drink plenty and paracetamol for your temp will help. Whats you're nana been saying? Ignore her, you haven't done anything wrong.

    Hope you feel better soon xxxxx
  • Hi,
    I'm sorry to hear this-I really feel for you!! you do need to get an appointment as if it's mastitis you'll probably need antibiotics!
    I developed it 11 days after i finished feeding Lillith and have just finished my 4th lot of antibiotics!! you must try and rest!!!
    Lydia xx
  • MrsT my nana is just my nana,
    1, she didnt want me to have Evie, now she's here she can't buy enough for her which is very nice, but means no one else can get her anything.
    2, she's wearing a lovely skirt ant top from monsoon, got it in the sale, well its not good enough.
    3, i put a blanket over us when i feed and company is here, well thats bloody wrong.
    4, my hubby hasnt done a good enough job painting living room.
    5, she went in my bedroom without asking and complained it wasnt tidy, she has ocd i swear.
    6, she kept Evie up from four hours and she needed a nap she only has 20mins but she needs it
    7, its my fault Evie has conjunctivitis sorry about spelling
    8, my nana wants Evie to call her Nana, me and hubby agreed gran as both my mum and his mam are nana.
    9. Nana wants me to loose weight
    sorry for the rant i do love her to pieces but give me a break sometimes
  • hi, i'm bf too. ive never had any problems touch wood, kyra is almost 6 months. just to say that you can prevent this from happening again by keeping yourself stress-free and topped up with lots of iron. if you're anemic and run down you are more likely to get things like this. take a multi vitamin everyday to keep healthy and get lots of relaxation time to yourself. hope you're well soon xxx
  • Hi, just to say that ive suffered from mastitis 3 times now,i was unfortunate as i had no problems until i started weaning lo on solids and found for myself that it started if i was engorged but left it and didn't express it off.
    I now look out for the early signs like headache and tender breast. You are not a bad mummy at all and your lo will most likely know no different from you having mastitis.
    Take some ibuprofen or paracetamol, drink plenty of water and try to rest if you can! When you feed from the affected breast gently massage the tender area also if that doesnt help to unblock try lying lo down on bed and feed leaning slightly over. sounds strange but it will help drain away the blockage. If you need to ring the docs again ask for an emergency appointment,
    Hope you feel better soon
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  • Ouch- I remember it only too well. You need to insist doc sees you as you're gonna need antibiotics sooner rather than later. I left mine for a couple of days as I thought it would clear up on its own. It didn't and I ended up with an abcess that saw me admitted to hosp to have it drained under GA. Then was under the care of district nurse for daily visits for another 7 weeks to have wound packed and dressed. Not an experience I'd recommend to anyone! Tell them it's an emergency and if that fails, pack yourself off to a walk in centre or A&E if necessary. Hot baths and massaging should help to ease it in the meantime.

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