Leaning forward in bouncy chair

James is 7.5 months, and has started to pull himself forwards, by the arch on his bouncy chair. I know he's strapped in, and shouldn't fall out!

But just wondered if anyone's lo does this, and if you have the same worry! :lol: :roll: xx


  • Eva does this too. She only goes in it now when I have a shower and I put her in the bouncy chair in the bathroom with me. I think I'm going to have to stop putting her in it though as she's getting so strong that I think she may be able to tip it over soon.
  • Hi - we have stopped using our bouncy chair for this reason. Although he is strapped in, I am worried that Toby could actually flip his chair over and seriously hurt himself. He's really heavy so would have a lot of momentum!

    C image
  • Ours did this and landed face first on a stone floor!!!!!!!!! It meant he was ready to sit up on his own and the chair was getting in the way. Ouch and not a bruise!
  • Sophie's 16 weeks and she's doing this very briefly for about 10 seconds. She couldn't tip it over yet though.
  • bouncy chairs are only intended for use up until lo is 6 months, because thats the average age for sitting they are no longer deemed safe, fisher price do some fab ones that adapt for a child and go all the way up to 3 years. xxx
  • Maybe bouncy chair wasn't the right name then, as this one does adapt.


    I don't think this one is able to be tipped. xx
  • YES!!!! Adam is almost 7 months & has started to do this. He frightened the life out of me because he actually put his head under the bar and was pushing with his hands and basically trying to get himself out of it!! Its very scary so know how you feel!!
  • Yes, James puts his head under the arch, and also tries to bite the hanging toy! :lol: xx
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