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I've been off work since April - my lo was born in early May. I am loving being at home with him but have to start earning some money to contribute towards bills again from early next year - boo! My current company defines part-time as 4 days a week but I am hoping to work 2 days a week and no more as I want to be with my lo the majority of the week. I have worked for about 10 years in office jobs - marketing, admin etc and am not too fussy about what work I do as long as it pays the bills, but I am finding that it is v hard to find part time work. Why don't more companies have job shares, allow working from home etc? Just wondered what other people's experience has been.

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  • What is the companies reason for 4 days?? You have a right to ask for however many days you want and they have to have a 'valid business reason' as to why you can't do what you want for them to be able to refuse it!!!

    I am a teacher and returned 2 days a week in Sept and am loving it - schools seem to be getting more flexible as I am trying to change jobs and am finding lots of part time available.

    I have also recently started my own business selling Usborne books from home with my lo at my side on the days I am not teaching and it is going BRILLIANTLY - have you considered something like this?? I am always recruiting to my team and if you are interested in finding out a bit more just drop me a line [email protected]

    Hope you get something you want sorted!
  • I have quite a few friends who are teachers and it's true that schools tend to be much more flexible than other organisations which is great. I think my company will just say they need someone there 4 days to cover all the work - they can make an excuse quite easily. I have thought about Usborne as I've heard alot about it but I'm rubbish at selling.
  • Hi Emma - I work in admin and i work 20 hours a week. i was really lucky because i found a company that fitted their hours around me completely. I work all day monday and the rest of the week i work 3 hours in the afternoon after my hubby comes home. the work gets done so it doesn't make any difference to them when i do it.
    If there is anyway you can stay with the compnay you were with before you went on maternity you should have a much more secure job and they should accomodate you - theres bound to be someone else looking for part-time hours so maybe you could suggets they do the other 2 or 3 days??
    Or what about agency work - with your experience i'm sure they could find you something that would fit in with your hours?
    Usborne books are brilliant - I started about the same time as Charli and you can do as little or as much as you want. I'm also rubish at 'selling' but to be honest the books are so good they sell themselves. i started off with the intention of just doing a few parties with friends and family and its gone from there really, whereas charli has contacts with school so is making a really good business out of it. I do it to earn a bit of extra money but some people make a really excelent living out of it! I tried Avon aswell but didn't get on with that at all.
    sorry i'm rambling now! best of luck and i hope you find something that suits you.
  • I was just about to say (like Julesy has - Hi there you by the way!) that I have never done 'selling' before Usborne and was really worried about it but the books are so lush the do the selling for you - people told me that and I though - yeah right - but they do. Anyway so if you want any info just get in touch.

    Otherwise - you're company should be willing to look at it as a job sahre so you are not askign to do the fulltime work in 2 days but share it with someone who does the other days. You should look into your rights properly first - check out (I think??!) or phone the CAB to talk it through and then approach your current company because like Julesy says you would be much more secure staying where you were than trying to find something else in the current climate!
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