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Signs of Trapped wind - help??!

My lo has always made lots of noises (grunts groans squeaks etc) when he is in his moses basket whether asleep or awake (more when awake) and he does it during the day and at night - although it seems to be more at night. He generally doesn't show any distress when doing them and I thought it was just to entertain himself. However I am now wondering if it is cos he is uncomfy with trapped wind?

He is breastfed and I wind him at intervals during his feed - however he doesn't always give any wind up (infact quite rarely) and either the actions of winding him lull him into a snooze or he gets frustrated that his feed is being interupted so I can't keep winding indefinitely. He does some to posset quite a bit and I wondered if this could be when his wind finally comes out? ALthough some days he won't be sick at all and other days it seems endless.

Anyway so are there any CLEAR indicators I should look for for trapped wind? Would he be more upset and distressed if he was uncomfy with it??

Any help or pointers welcome!


  • Having had 1 baby who suffered alot with wind (and still does at 16 lol) she used to scream her head off and pull her knees up to her belly and hardly settled ( she was bottlefed) my 2nd was breastfed for 3months and never suffered with wind/or colic on breast or bottle and my 3rd (who is 5months) was breastfed for 5weeks and was a little bit sicky after each feed but never suffered trapped wind/colic and since shes been on the bottle she is rarely sick and still doesnt suffer with trapped wind.
    THough they do say that breast babies tend not to suffer with colic and things like that.
    I wouldnt worry too much charli your son sounds very happy
  • ok he is definitely not screaming in pain so that's a positive I suppose - thanks for the response!
  • Hi craftycharli, is your baby a particularly hungry baby? maybe he just objects to his feeds being interupted. My little girl isn't very good at all at bringing up wind. She screams blue murder if i try and do it during her feed, and ends up getting so stressed out with herself that i think she takes in more air - not good!!! I have to do most of the winding process towards the end and after her feed but even then she doesn't bring up very much. Sometimes better than others. I have started using infacol before each feed so maybe that will help? but sometimes she seems to be really in pain with what i think is trapped wind (can tell by her screams). It's so frustrating isn't it, when you can't help them!!!

    Any advice welcome

  • My lo always grunted and groaned throughout the night and we never really found out why but she is nearly 6 months now and is not so bad just the occasional grunt here and there.
    She did suffer with wind but you definately knew when it was that as she screamed and pulled her legs up and there were alot of huge farts (very lady like!)
  • my lo will do a loud cry out of no where and kick his legs out when he has trapped wind, i hate it because you know their in pain but you just can't seem to help them, i use infacol before ever feed now and all i have to do is sit him up and he burps for england.
  • Hi samantha,
    that is just the same as my lo, she might settle one minute and we put her in her moses basket, then out of nowhere she will get really fidgety and restless and kick her arms and legs and just cry out. I am sure it is trapped wind, and like you say its horrible as nothing seems to relieve it.

    I used infacol yesterday before every feed and it seemed to make it worse so today am going to brave it without!!!! just to see if it makes a difference at all. Although the infacol did seem to make her fart loads but didn't seem to relieve the pain. She is such a hungry baby and gulps her bottle down quite quickly. She was only 5lb 12oz at birth and the midwife said she could be making up for it with her feeds.

    she is 3 weeks old now. some feeds she seems more hungry than others so we have adjusted the amounts we give her - 6.30am she has 5oz, 10.30am 4oz, 2.30pm 5oz, 6.30pm 4oz, 10.30pm 5oz and 2.30am 3oz. She is pretty good that she knows when she's had enough and doesn't just finish a bottle if she's had enough, so hopefully we are not over feeding her. I guess its all trial and error! Its a massive learning curve for all of us :\)
  • Is infacol only avaiable on prescription or can I just buy it over the counter? I am wondering if it is worth getting some!
  • You can get it in the supermarket! It didn't work out for my LO but there are loads of people on here who swear by it!
  • You can get infacol in a chemist or Tesco/asda have it here too. I kept on forgetting to give it so gave up! My lo seems to sick loads if she doesn't get her wind up and she makes the horrible animal noises during the night!
    When she's really bad, ie knees up, crying, I lay her across my lap on her tummy and rub her back clockwise direction and this really calms her and gets wind up too most times.
    Wind has been the biggest prob 4 all 3 of mine and I must say they were all worse with boob juice than formula! I know I'm a gassy mare but is my milk that bad?!?!
  • Well I might give infacol a try then. Or just accept he is a noisy bugger at night and get him in his own room so he stops disturbing us and accept he is sicky and I do have to run the washer every 5 minutes! :lol:image
  • i also swear by infacol! evie used to be collicy every evening and scream the house down for hours. but she never brought wind up even if me and my hubby winded her at intervals during a feed and then for a good few mins afterwards. now with the infacol she does huge burps with just a rub of her back or when we sit her upright!
  • Ifracol is worth I try, it definately helped with my LO. One other sign is a rock hard tummy. My girl will often scream in pain (it's heart breaking to go through), her tummy is rock hard until she farts and then she will be her normal happy self almost instantly.
  • A friend of mine recommended a product called colief. She tried it when everything else (including infacol) failed. It is expensive (??9.99) but apparently its very good. You can get it from boots. I read on the internet that you can also get it on prescription but most GPs aren't aware of this. I am off to boots tomorrow to get some so will report back and let you know how we get on with it. :\)
  • i use colief i get it on prescription, i have been using it for about 4 days and seems to be working. also the sickness maybe due to reflux if they pull at the bottle teat and scream crying when feeding then are sick, it is due to acid coming up, you can use gaviscon infant, just put it in there bottle. a dummy/soother also helps calm a colic baby and white noise or just make a loud shhhhh noise calms too.
  • I also read that over winding can cause more air bubbles (god you just don't know where to go sometimes do you?) I let Maddie come off the bottle when she is ready and wind then, sometimes she goes all the way through and i only wind at the end, i also find feeding her more upright is a big help but like you sometimes she has days where she will bring up mouthfuls of sick even up to 3 or 4 hours after her bottle.
  • Thanks for all the advice and ideas - we have beenusing infacol for 2 full days now and what a difference. Every time I burp Max now I get at least one big burp out, he is still sometimes sick but not nearly as much and practically all his loud grunting and groaning noises have stopped so although he didn't look uncomfortable some of that was obviously to do with uncomfy wind so - so far so good - THANKS! image
  • My baby has trapped wind too, I get so frustrated watching him doing all the hands and foot as if somebody is punching him in the tummy, though he fart most of the time still hes hurting. He's mixed, my ma said he get it through my milk when I have wind too. 

    He's just 28 days and sometimes he vomits after bottled fed.

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